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We should start at the beginning,
and circle around until the end.
In the first section,
we look at climate change in the very late pre-human intervention.
We should note that this is not to prove human interaction,
since 1815 is part of normal cycle.
This does not mean that the post human
Period works entirely under different principles,
merely that those principles are not established yet.
This paper makes assumptions that in
1800s are different than they were in the late 1900s
and afterwards.
In other words just because there is climate change
does not mean that we can disregard all of things which happened before.
In this case,
it comes clear that
pre-human climate change
could be enough to change the climate,
by thoroughly natural conditions.
What it does prove is those climate changes,
which are natural, can do a great deal of work.
Again this does not mean that artificial changes do not happen,
but instead we can see how they happen.

Then we looked at changes
which were pointed to by natural climate change,
which were not present in the record.
And we found that there are numerous discrepancies in the past.
This means one of two things,
either that we were wrong in assuming natural climatic variation,
which would mean that human intervention could be diminished,
or it means that we should resynchronize.
Checking this against one event,
the 1600 BC Thera eruption, t
here is great deal of scholar weight that this corruption occurred in 1500 BC,
not succeed hundred.
This is a quandary,
either the corruption occurred later,
or the theory is wrong.

Fortunately, there are people who have tested the
eruption, and found it is the former case,
that is the corruption occurred a little bit later than is supposed,
and the results is a slip sliding updates, which will annoy certain people, but keep the tracker record current. In other words, people will have learn to get used to certain things changing in place, and we have proven this by this one example, though there may be others. This does not change climatic factors, it instead improves climatic factors which are naturally forced, and makes artificial factors more clear. It does mean that people will have two go back and check what till now has been seen as being on the table. Artificial factors are not just 50 years, they also change everything that we know which is natural.

We do this process in reverse order from the 1800 A.D.
Before we took a climate change which was known about,
and saw what would happen.
The 1810 AD through 1815 AD
was discovered in documents,
most particularly the cooling in summer in the north latitudes.
It was found that two things which were artificially formed before,
were actually naturally occurring:
the climate change resulted in dramatic differences that would have to be factored in.
in other words,
this small interruption in climate was not unnoticed,
even in the real world.
Civilizations were tilted by it.

Then we looked at something else entirely,
what can we determine about climate and natural forces,
when two have different cycles?
In this case we have an exact climatic events which has been recognized:
the eruption of Thera is not fixed in time,
but is flexible,
even though that is what is reported to others.
Last date which is current is
[] ,
date that is fixed by the moon,
which is in itself
a great finding.


Who ever just got pushed off the liberal train.
Prosperity still a whisper on his lips.
Days will go by and still he will think of the moment,
when he rode the world,
money rolled in.
And all he need to do was to pick which toy to buy.
He shows up on the internet,
and tells everyone it doesn't have to be this way.
But it does.
Because there aren't enough of him at any one time.
The working class went down,
and the programmers and lawyers fed on him.
The programmers went down,
and the land bubblers feasted on them.
The land bubblers went down,
and the government workers feasted on them.
Now the government workers are going down.
Someone will feast on them. For a while.
Then when that meal goes down,
then there will be a bitter cold within.
Yes, we're in a can.

“All we have to do...” he'll say.
Except that it won't happen.
It doesn't matter what can be done,
it matters what will be done.
And what will be done,
is to look at the next dying soul on the raft of the Medusa.

I've often been accused of being hard to follow,
but that is because there are
It rests on the fact that there is a small gap which is directly
accounted by the small variations.
The variation in question has to do with the slowing down of the moons orbit,
which is visible even at the scale


Then there none.

It was some unique.
The understand was not because madness was in the air,
and it made ever special.
It was unique that every thing specific
was crowd with thing with others were ordinary to one.
This is because it to was specifically valve.
Take a diamond, and scattered with thing that look it,
but are not.

In 1914 a boy wrote
on the cover of exercise book from high school.
What he wrote was not important,
it was the idea which was.
This was the first deal of the Iluvatar
and the beginning of what was not history,
but an unreasoning attempt at creating non-history.
A novel, as we knew it,
was about to be a standard.
Many people had written texts which were not history,
but JRR Tolkien was about to add a single gift to his world:

He was the first one to sketch out words which were like real words but different.
They were different because he wanted to have elves
and other things which were real as
opposed to imagined by half drunk narrators.

Iluvatar, think on this word,
Ilu and Vatar,
think on this second word, and realize it's German
for “father”, and the second word is for “light”.
And this from a word that does not exist,
a breath, held for a second and then released.
I thisllusion, but with only one syllable,
there is waiting in that one word,
something special which a boy
waiting on world war one

will find a story in.

No No No

Why does Japan have such a high suicide rate? - BBC News

It mention Christianity in one sentence,  but South Korea  is loaded with Christianity.  That is in the not problem.  What it is is suicide is the means for controlling people to become suicides -  who would otherwise be alive and become terrorists instead.  this is why Egypt has remarkably little suicide,  but is a haven for terrorists.  In other words,  you can have them commit suicide -  or you can wait until they blow up taking others with them.

Your  choice. I should write a paper on this.

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The is a story here....

Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

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Summer Field, Amsterdam, NY

"We" do not like "their" monetary policy

Greek debt crisis: 'No' vote 'will not lead to better agreement' - BBC News

Then you read the article and there is no  reason to agree with that,  because you have not heard of the economist. In other words, BBC  is trying to scare you.

How swollen is Deutsche Bank really?

How swollen is Deutsche Bank really?


It was on a day that was on a day when the bright light streamed through the glassless window, a window that was out on to the Aegean. The lines of paint from the naked sun streamed into the painless pain, and on to the little girls face, she could just see Nana stopping to rub the little boys face, and speaking damn about something that she could not quite here; but it was how he should look to the world. She was slipping away from reality and to that unreality which only she knew of. In fact she did not know if anyone else would drift between a real-life, and the mystic sheen of dreams that was her unreal life. In fact, she would be embarrassed to reveal it.

In her own world she imagined that the figure from the newspaper was real and both she and Nana were lecturing the little boy about paying attention and being erect. Nana was a big believer in Νέα Δημοκρατία; which was not something she understood, but something that commanded her attention. Almost as much as Patera. A man so terrible that he did not actually appear in her dreams, but was on omni-present in something like a shadow of a terrible will. A shadow which, if it gazed upon you, you would terror and grovel.

In the real world she looked over a molted glass bought from the store with about one third honey. There was another in the lower basin, which had not been opened. She was trying, in the real world, to find out whether she should look above or below to get a better view of whether she should have another spoonful of honey to go on her, home bought no less, bread.

One thing you must understand, however, in her private dream world, everything looked like a picture out of Maurice Sendak. And the second thing is that she was actually searching for her real mother.

Since Nana was busy with the boy, and what she was doing looked childish enough, it did not occur to anyone that walked was really going on was that inside her head absorbed all of her thoughts. After all, she was just a girl; not even a woman. If she had been, perhaps Nana would have at least looked at her; and wondered which boy she was thinking about. Because once the Blossom of the kiss of womanhood was upon her, people begin thinking that they might have something in their minds. But a girl would never do that. This was a reflection on how Nana had forgotten what it was to be like a girl with all of the faculties except sex. It was all so long ago. And far a way, because Nana was not from this land, but another one which she whispered in the dark was much colder, and the wind blew from the north, as opposed to from the south. But the little girl was not frightened of this, but looked through the pictures of a land far here; she would then imagine herself as a princess. It was the correct thing to do in her mind. In her inside world, she would whisper on the wind “μάνα”, her real mother. Not the imitation mother that trooped around and ordered people. “Nana” had wild connotations in her dreams, though she would never say so in public.

In her dream world she was on the bank of a small stream, which ran directly into the ocean. Unlike in the real world, there were trees here. She had read that thousands of years ago the whole mainland was covered with them, and people did rituals to the Elder trees so that they would slumber; and then the people would chop down the youngest trees for ships. But they left alone elder trees to form the next wave of younger trees. Every so often a tree was straight and true, and they left it alone. And every so often one of these elder trees would volunteer to be cut down, to form the prow of a kingly vessel. She imagined that she was talking to just such a tree.

“Why are you letting your self be cut down? I thought this would be the most important thing in your life. It would be for me. I would tremble and shake before they cut me down. And afterwards they would feel the blood on their hands.”

“Little child,” began the elder tree, “ what you do not understand, is that the world does not live as straight and true. Even high am bent, just a little bit. And that means that the world is not straight but bent, just a little. And because it is bent, that means that it is a circle (kuklos).”

“Where does that word come from?”

“From Plato course.”

“But Plato is ancient, and we are descended from the Byzantine Empire.”

“Your descendents in other countries do not understand this. They think of Greece has old, and you think of Greece as medieval.”

“Why is this important? I know I have heard it, but I do not understand.”

“All of their imagination is of Greeks in togas, because they only understand the beginning, and not the middle or the end. Look at Machiavelli, and understand that the three orders of government are all in Plato or Aristotle. They do not understand that Greece the country kept on going, which is why you look at Byzantium, and see your selves. But that does not translate, especially not into the West. And say mean something completely different by writing circle in the Greek.”

“Could I have some honey? Because it is time for me to go, and placate” - she missed the word, but not by much, and the tree for gave her. He knew that it was time to be going, because she needed to learn a simple lesson: the Greeks were going to have two decide whether there upper class belonged with the other upper classes, or instead with the Greeks. The rebels in the outer world answered the Greeks, but in Greece they still thought of the lower people as not part of the same family. There was an order in the Greek mind.

And she knew that order was different from what the outside wished it to be.

So she went back to Nana,  and left her real mother,  who she had searched for but not found.

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Kansas Missouri City at Dusk

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Stone Arch Oakwood Cemetery Troy, NY
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1 Gödel is driven by 1 Turing until 1 Nash

This is not my proof, but it seem like none of the books want to explain it. 

Another 100 -year-old genius

A light visible and yet unseen

- John Nash
Princeton Library
Princeton New Jersey

He was scribbling and scrolling and doodling and drawing, and all things that one needs to know to not be doing business as usual. He was supposed to be doing something usual, and instead was doing something unusual, so as not to be distracted by other things that should not be even mentioned. But in the back of his mind was something more important. In fact far more important then Go – it being Japanese players that popularized the game of doing nothing more than placing dots on a grid. What he was thinking about betting on the turn of the cards - “poker.”
He was in that turn of phrase, when every single equation could be surmounted with ease. In fact he would do so in the flash of an eye just because he could. He would do so just to prove to his roommate that he could. Even though no one else could see that roommate. He knew he existed, if no one else could.

He was turning the cards in his mind, and working out the best way of a three clear game – he had heard once from some German professor that three was the magic number. But instead of walking through individual cards, he was walking through cards in general, and working out at which point the cards favored not to bet, as oppose to when they should. This line, he then realized, was the equilibrium line – not just for poker, but any gain that could be played. Well any game that was finite, the infinite games were another story. Not that he would not solve it eventually, but it was a different order of problem to solve. Again, not that he would not solve it in some later paper.
He wrote the equations out, some what haphazardly. It was beauty in the mind if not on the first paper – but someone would clean it up, that is what people who devoted their lives to putting markings on the paper did, after all. But he was not interested in the lexicon of paper and ink, particularly, though he would have to master this. A new that there was origami, which was tempting his vitrapasser, and he would have to sit down and master it.

Here sitting in the library he would not call it the “Nash Equilibrium” - not because he was not sure that it would called that, but he would leave to others labeling. He was sure that they would, so why bother to explain to them. He copied out the words again, because he realized that even he did not under stand. And this would not do, it was a short paper, and therefore had to be precise.
So he copied the first pages over again, making clear details which had been foggy. And he did not even look at what he had done, but stuffed it in an envelope, sealed the fine mottel back stickup on the envelope. And then hesitated, and finally realized that he did not know how many stamps it would take. This was an annoyance, but perhaps it was best to do so now rather than later.
Thus he stood up, looking both ways - because you never know who is watching. He settled his feet, and strutted out in to the vast inside of his mind, thinking of all the games – even ones he did not know the rules. It was a light from a shadow unseen.

- Sterling Newberry
Building 10  
Schenectady New York

It was a laboratory, more specifically a commercial laboratory. Every bit of wood, steel, and machinery was accounted for. Everything had a purpose. And in this particular case, it was something that once upon a time had been declared impossible. In 1913 the preeminent thought of the day was that if one captured x-rays, and used it in the same way that light was used – it would take a mile to cross the x-ray in the same way. Of course, the obvious reasoning was that this would be impossible, and therefore no x-ray microscope could ever be imagined to exist at all.

But many years later, Someone came up with the idea of grazing the x-rays against a filter. Think of it as just a kiss on the x-ray lens, instead of blazing the way that light would be diffracted. This was not good enough to be marketed, but it did show pictures. And so there was a hunt for the right material that would do a better job and thus be the first commercial x-ray microscope.

Down here with white light shining on white walls, with gray steel bookshelves to refer to notes, one man tried the same thing as the others. He toiled away at this, first taking electrons and absorbing them to get x-rays. Then after it hit a block of tungsten, it was then focused into the grazing chamber. It was in the late afternoon that one of the technicians grabbed him on the cuff. And begin talking in, for a technician, a mindless babbling of words. It would take me about 10 pages to describe what he said and the interruptions that Newberry put to him. And he was taciturn, and listened for more than he spoke.

What was happening was this: the technician did not believe that the light was really being absorbed by the detectors. Newberry rolled his eyes, because he knew that at least 10 times all the technicians had been trained to believe that while they could not see it, there was indeed light passing through this, just x-ray light. Which was far far far too short for human eyes to see. So what happened with the technician is he grabbed his badge – which had a filter for x-rays – and took a screen, with many captures of light – and stuck the two of them in the way of the light source.
But what happened next surprised the technician, yes he saw the screen – but he saw a different screen, and it was not the same as what he popped in. but Sterling Newberry knew that the second image was very very small and was, in fact, the mounting screen for the image. But enlarged.

It was enlarged by enough to see the screen, where as in reality it was thousands to the inch. But here it was. About a millimeter, which was several times it is real size. It was then that an idea struck him, though it would take some doing to adjust and expose the x-ray light.

What the idea was was this: Do not take the x-ray light, instead take the shadow, and enlarge this shadow until it was visible. So one step was to take electrons and convert them in two x-rays. The next step was to take the x-rays and shine them through what you want to look at, then far away but photographic film for x-rays to capture the light.  it was a shadow  x-ray microscope.

What he, and no one else would understand, is that the theoretical of Nash, and the experimental of Newberry were the same thing. Because in the game one player puts up money, but it does not mean that it is at risk until someone else puts up money to bet against it. This is the same way that an x-ray does not do anything until there is a picture to capture its light. It does no good for it to pass through the specimen, except if there is a photographic plate to capture. Just as it does no good for a man to wager money, unless someone else calls his raise.

It was a light visible and yet unseen, until someone developed the picture.

Halucines Man