Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Canto 17

Canto 17


That's enough; I may be a bore you with these banalities,
and I would hate to do anything to you that you dislike
if you can write me two words
forgive me for sending you the waltz.
Perhaps it will make you angry enough with me,
but I really did want to send you the pleasure,
for I do love you desperately.

You will perhaps wonder how I
got such a mania for your letter writing;
this is the third to you in such a short time.
I have done a ecstasies on form
except these picture galleries,
I have looked again at anything in Dresden
it is enough to see the moon again Alton once.

As soon as we move in:
my piano manufacturer will send us an instrument.
I send this letter relying on your mercy.
Your tree use my dealer follow have long been finished;
in the a B person I have swallowed your manuscripts in two by repertoire;
your concerto will be performed this month
at the Conservatory contest by Adams pupils.

It is enough to say
what needs to be said, and get set again,
for righteous purposes left undone.

Lachrymose as yet unformed and finished;
and yet as unremote as any eventuality,
that any flower would be wretched in its form.

It is snowing so hard here,
that the numbers grow to infinity and beyond.
Op. list 12 variations on a theme by Ludovic
for more days.
17 for the circus.


It is at the number of the beast,
and and some rural context that Earth of avows,
Taking no more tense than it can handle,
and by and by, no more sense then it demands.
A classic and then some, though shining in its example.
To the given to Hannah Lynn doing to Chopin
who will still Closely guess to whom it will be delivered.
13th of December 1841
three in the night; stars.
Nocturnes I have to choose the words that I know how to spell.

Page 3 page 5, for 5 read page 3.
I promised to write a few words yesterday evening.
In England fee to Chantelle the arrangements are most luxurious:

Opus 31 Scherzer
Opus 33 four Mazurkas
Opus 34 three waltzes
Opus 35 Sonata
Opus 36 second impromptu
Opus 37 two Nocturnes
Opus 38 Ballade
Opus 39 third scherzo
Opus 40 two Polon Asia's
1000 in complements to Mme. I kiss your children
1000 complements dassassin complements from Sand

The new new is coming in
 a print with a big nnoose
yes it's coming in the can
you feel how dry it is no?


Paris as usual.
Opus 55 two not turns for piano
Opus 56 three mazurka's for piano


To Messrs. Breath golf and Parker,
or some other such name as may be convenient,
because really what is in a name?
When everyone knows that it is just a fantasia
on words.


Here is what you have Marie's right to you
 we have had your good news,
 and we are happy that you are pleased
 for more days.
 a droning with indications gallery entrance corridor etc.
 he is the only one who has these blouses.
 I send you the Tarantella.
 E kind and copy it but first go to less finger or two Jude is.
 see Clive I don't know whether it is written in six states or 12/8.
 I would like to read it the way receiving has it.
 if it is not more than for instance 1015 20 or even 30.
 make playable give you a copy of my 
pralines and take all of my attitudes from Celeste major.

[ a character unto letter]

 yesterday I was at the  Italian opera.

[ the last words which ship line Road in pencil on a sheet of letter paper]

As this cough will choke me,
 I implore you to have my body opened,
 so that I may not. Be buried alive.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Canto 16

Smoke gets into your eyes and you stare at the ceiling,
 not wondering how you got into the ladies room,
 while listening to the marriage of Figaro.
 you think on how this would be different if it was new Amsterdam,
 instead of 5G in the aisle of Manhattan, in the state of New York.
 it might as well be Babylon for all the good it will do you.
 your  teak is still  red in the face,  sodded audited gills,
 with the sound that it makes underneath the  hobo code.
 shoot,  for this you came all the way,
 down the long winter into  Indian summer,
 to watch Nixon vs. Kennedy in a death match.
 it seems like they are is a, no the, wheel,
 and you are caught up in that for those who think young.

You know you can't go back to flight one,
 where your, no the, benefactor sits with
 alarm  class around a new girl,  while he stares up and down.
 the new girl glances in her maiden form close,
 and scratching out a team on the gold violin,
 it is not remember, for all of you.
 only six more months of leave and then to
  earn the six months of inheritance, that is your due.
 you who are part of the jet set,
 whose only God is the Mountain King.

But meditating in an emergency,  and gotten
 out of town and thinking on your lives work,
 with love among the ruins as your guide,
 thinking back to  my old Kentucky home.
 the arrangements that have been made to get you to this place.
 in yet the fog still lingers,
 as you think about the guy  walked in to and advertising agency,
 and mumbling under his voice seven 23.
: the souvenir of miles of nonsense that you had to put up with-
 in the wee small hours  biting your time.
 what sticks out in your memory is the color blue,
 and how the Gypsy and the  hobo fixed their eyes upon it.
 you know that the grown-ups would not take this nonsense,
 they would say " shut the door. have a seat."
 it was then that public relations would begin,
 and Christmas comes but once a year.
 but that was the good news.
 to be rejected on the doorstep of fame.
 the chrysanthemum and the sword would contend,
 for who would know the Waldorf stories that would
 come out of the suitcase.
 it was a summer man who would
 fall on the beautiful girls,
 on hands and knees if he could,
 making a Chinese wall and
 blowing smoke into the
 distant tomorrowland and back again.
 It is obvious that he would settle for a little  kiss,
 if that  mystery date would allow.

Far away on signal 30,
 in far away places,
 at the codfish Ball where
 lady Lazarus did come out
 of the dark shadows,
 and mesmerizing offered a Christmas waltz,
 though paid for by commissions and fees,
 which she would give to the  phantom,
 who stood beside the doorway,
 a collaborator in her little plan.
 to have and to hold,  till death do us part,
 until the flood came
 and that was for immediate release.
 until the man with a plan,
 crashed into the party,
 and a better half was formed.
 it was a tale of two cities,
 favor  the bold
 in its quality of mercy.
 take care,  in care of,  Peter perfect.  if only you were real.

Time Zones  converge and separate,
 a days work to admire
 field trip  to oblivion and back,
 the monolith  to the pare.
The runaways  to the quick,
 but always engaging in some the strategy:
 Waterloo,  if you will.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Canto 15


Darwin, Darwin!
How  much do we know about you?
How much to me now about variation under  domestication?
 what causes of variability and effects of habit can
 be ascertained from this in detail?
 what course had the Chagas disease,
 which slowly took his life,  unto a deep sleep?
 to explain to him how the cuckoo part  ways with the dove,
 and how the Hummingbird would listen intently
 as the red warbler  watch the blowing ends of the space?
 how the the flamingo knon what is in store for it?
 or the Wren  know what will happen to it?
 will it be killed by the owl?
 the Kingfisher will snatch a fish,
 wall the parakeet watches on a difference in branch,
 and who is to say that this is not the way of the world?
 that this is not the way that natural selection has been the
main but not the exclusive means of modification.

 what moves the thoughts of the chimpanzee,
 who's had is like our own
 and makes them different from the Jaguars,
 as it spies on Ibex on its  path.
 and what does the elephant think,
 knowing that it causes the same reflection in its mind?
 and who is to say that even the cattle knew a great deal more than reptiles could imagine.
  is it possible that the porcupine  know  more
 as it whispers to its young,  forming a crude but real culture?
 and what of the dormouse who eats a  nut gall,
 while keeping its thoughts in a darkened brain.
 it is still a mystery how a mammal would take to the skies,
 when all of the birds are there.
 or take to the seas,  and fight with fishes and reptiles there.
 it makes one wonder many things,
 that the giraffe sees in its midst.
 a wonder natural and all.


Motoo Kimura sat Scribbling  scribbling at his desk,
finding equations that made no sense
Until at last  it was finally understood,
that he was right,  and we were wrong.
that is the way it proceeds with every form of science,
almost every time one person was right,
and the rest were blindingly wrong.
that was Motoo's  probably as well,
he elucidated the neutral allele theory as best he could,
and still people do not what he said.


Watson and Crick,  and the woman who was never named,
the three who invented DNA,
a masterpiece of integration and interpretation,
two of them worked on a model,
and stole from rules Roseland the parts that they could not figure to,
and this day she remains in their shed.
Maurice,  how does this happen to us?
To Crick,  Watson,  and the woman who was never named.
Maurice Wilkins where did you go?


He was old father is William,  and  increasingly inclined to be stout
yet when he was asked to be married,  he could with a wink and a nod,
show that animals and plants had cross referenced when they were
long sensed converged,  how pray tell did they manage that?
that was the question of Weose  and others that prayed on their imagination,
and ate  up there time knowing that there was something amiss.
a three domain system covering archaeabacteria, and eukaryote.
this to and 1967,  as was Motoo Kimura revolution in the structure of alleles.
It is no longer a "10,000 species of birds",
it is more important than even Darwin could do.
phylogenetically  domain species.


Lalalala what is wrong with her eyes
Yet nothing was an illusion in her,
no no no nothing could worse
nothing could be worse, Lynn.

Maybe On the Origin of Mitosing Cells
and if there is some  organelle with 
ribosomes, displaying  organic perfection,
glaucophyte algae chysowawawawa
up from down beneath below
liting up the stars,
it does take a problem to see that
synechococcus and the air was filled with flying birds.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Canto 14


It breaks me gently over your spun wheel,
bleeding black tears, on each inch I can feel.
yet for more blood, the hour finds you hungry.
Yet black is a colour just as the same. 

In those stolen moments of light gleaming,
roll'd on road bed parched of inhabitation,
alone, at least in ecstatsy teaming.
Until turning hour passes temptation.

A precious reward, left years close behind,
the horse and the rider fixed like a reel,
a product of ounces weigh'd on the mind,
rifl'd at corners, moment balance to steel.

It is nothing short of condition of craving
left to others for ranting and raving,
the solitude it sought this cabin sublime
dwell in degrees, and compress into time

This a merriment morning combustion,
wit willing whirr, avoiding congestion.


I take my leave from my senses,
and find becalmed at wicked speed,
that river solid made of other tenses,
than past, present, and future ever heed.

Bright the open darkness of the ripe sky,
flies above the roof transparent wind made.
A peace the motion furious does deny,
the floating light that is of days deepest shade.

And wishing for wings is long forgotten,
and floating is no longer a mythic dream.
This, a road above untrammeled by gap or seam,
has made me drunk and with prosody besotten.

The poem of the motor whirring runs,
Lit by threshold of the myriad distant suns.


After all the is no regret
Before the hush came upon the town
Cats were out of hand
Dogs took wings
Exit to the floor
Fate is to quick

All is well, to well
But there is the rubbed
Climb up the pole
Decline, ever stream on time
Each rob of all the other needles
Fright, in flight.

All in all
After all
It's not a play thing
But an illusion.
And it come to one and all
One and all.


If the leaves the are, then let then eat brioche.
Then they are withhold i-n-f-o-r-m-a-t-i-o-n
is that what I want to say?
I think not, but I do not know if it is.
What do I want to say to him?
B-r-i-o-c-h-e is what I want say,
brioche, not cake.

A poem (Nash of couse) 5

"Some people achieve temporary a fame"
While others lust after it,
Wondering for does it flutter adrift never touch

Are they not good enough?
Or is a scheme they don't undertand?
Wrote down on paper that is  on watery brook?
It makes no sense, but it is as plain as can be.

What is as fleeting,  fixed,
as what is
eternal day.
From on side to an other

And the some blazing fast quick
Of cousre

"The Only Good Indian Is a Dead Public Relations Counsellor"

The Sight of sound captures 
Of this I am sure, no words good back and forth between
Some silmarillion eddies in the brook
collected poems page by page
leaves of grass until they every were
the primrose path ever were
welcome witness to the young republic
a history or truth contain with a yankee's journal
1828 through 1870, as set down in Disraeli hand.


Intermission in a search for pleasantries
Lightly resting like Haiku writ in lucid kanji
On the verses of unfocused fragile ecstasies -
Viewed from to close a distance, too soon a day.
Even divided distance of the hours sharpens the reverie.
Yesterday and today converse at every tempo
Odes adagio, epodes presto, but whispered within
Under all, above, betwixt, between, an affect marked: “senza measura”.


In dreams I laid awake in slumber
too many times thinking how right is
and wishing that many times I could chatter
and dreaming what dreams may come to me thus

but instead I reach the plane that I am on,
busy in the brain, while the cool ice cold air blows
is not quite go to sleep nor stay awake upon
this coil that I feel trapped as if by crows.

They coil above my eyes as if to say
that everything else is an illusion,
and only they are real, vibrant
with hours stretched beyond any confusion.

Only then I know what is to and ought to be
on mystery to those that are truly free.  

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Canto 13


I do not understand,
I do not understand;
I do not understand:
I do not understand!
I do not understand.
Three people waiting,
on three people explain,
Three watching,
One who wants money,
Two who want understanding,
Three who want their point of view.

The Farmer

Head in the clouds,
high in the sky,
the sun in over head.
A lady's hat on the ground,
A woman's comb in the branch.

The Monk

The man was armed with bow and arrows
As well as a sword.
A woman face obscured by a veil.
A human life, wanting.

The Captor

It is the one,
You can see that by the sword,
Bow, and arrows.


Hee Hoo Hee
If it had not been for that wind
I would have kill him already.
Then I saw a goddess,
a Goddess.

I made planes to capture the man,
seduce the woman,
to make her yield to my manhood.
I admit that.

Heroism is the theme, and adventure,
with frozen eyes.
A women with - fiery.

She purpose a combat,
with her going to the winner.
With pearl inlay?
It was valuable -
I should have collect it.
Foolish of me.


Men are fools
Womanizers to a man,
Many casualties were the bold of Tajumora.
Blood and lies are synonymous with him.
What  does the woman  say?
 Did she  show  the  fearlessness that Tajumora
 value so highly?

she's the of the men has made,
 but otherwise her story is different.


My story is  with the knight,
not the bandit,
 about the cold look in his eyes,
the  cold look in his eye,
the  cold look in  his  eyes.
Stop. Stop. Stop,  looking  with me cold look,
 cold look in your eyes.
  then I went black.
and imagine the shock.
with  dagger in his heart,
 and the cold look in his his eyes.
  I threw myself    into the pond for shame.
what else was a poor woman woman to do?
I tried many things to kill myself,
 but none  worked.


but dead men don't lie.
 it would be ridiculous.
  I imagine dead man lying.
and only one to imagine what is good and noble.
I am confused -  the woman uses tears to get her way.
 and man are  the victims.
  I refuse to believe that men are so  sinful.
bring on the medium to tell.
  have him drop the summoning stick.
The Dead Man as Woman

  I am  in darkness now,
    and cursing  those who  left me in dark.
     here the deep the ground will deep drums,
      which reveal my pain.
       I will tell you of those who left in this dark hell.
         the bandit who attacked  was cunning
          now that the  bride was soiled,
           she could no longer be  with me.
            but that was not her  sin,
             and she was the one who  sin
              had grabbed me here.
               it was her desire to kill me,
                 the bandit was going to  kill her.
                  the bandit  would have to worry about his own fate.
                   everything was silent
                    I heard some one  crying
                     someone crying
                      someone crying
                       so I killed myself,  and only myself.
                        because there the dagger was.
                          weep for me,
                           how  quiet  it was,
                            and then someone pull out the  dagger
                              from my heart.
The Farmer

That is not how it happened,
the was killed by a sword,
a sword, not a dagger.

I did not want too get involved,
but I saw the bandit begging
for forgiveness,  for forgiveness.
I saw the dead man demand
her death by her own hand.

Haahahaha  she cried
she was mad, mad, mad.
Than the two men fought over her honor,
not  courageously,  but with trepidation.
with the bride looking on.
as they flailed for their lives
more than the  Death  of the Other.
Finally the bandit killed.

The dead man cried out that he didn't want to die,
and the woman screamed,  and  fought to get away.


Out  of the three,
which is believable?
dogs are better off in this  world.

I knew you took the dagger,
a bandit: another bandit calls him selfish.
That he is rich beyond price.

(cries and cries.)


I am  one who should be ashamed,
you have made me believe in the goodness of man.
I understand and am one with the world.

(A sweep of kindness,  with zithers floating in the breeze.)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mario is Dead

Wagner and English Descendents

7 Week syllabus for Wagner's Children

  1. Wagner – Part 1
  2. Wagner – Part 2
  3. Rackham and Shaw
  4. Joyce
  5. Pound
  6. Tolkien
  7. The three authors in retrospect.

Wagner was an awful man, and there is no way of denying this. But what is also true, though many attempts at making a stab at this, is that he is a great artist, even if you don't think so - there is no denying that he was important. This was recognized even as he stormed - an idea man stormed ,
the earth.

One good talk about music, where his arch rival was Brahms, about Opera, where is arch rival was Verdi, about nationalism, where his arch rival was Tchaikovsky, and we haven't even begun his hold on cinema, which was not even started. In other words, one could talk about, in a very literal sense, Wagner and the future. Which is what many people did not want him to be, and which Wagner set hi self up as the artist of the future. It even continues to this day, such as Nicholas Spice ruminating in the London review of books (Vol. 35 No. 7, 11 April 2013)

In the first part of this story, we are going to take the ring, and talk about it in its past, because Wagner knew, in a very deep way, that there were echoes of the past. That means Rheingold and Walkure, however strained they are, as music of the early romantic period. Then he stops and composes Tristan and Isolde, which was based on the 3rd, not the 5th. It was shocking, most of all because they could not play it.

Which then begins the tale of the second part of his tetrad of operas, Siegfried and Gotterdammerung which supporter Richard Stauss called a fairytale, and which in the 1950s was parodied by Bugs Bunny, as a disastrous conclusion of events.

What were interested here, is how the fanatics of Wagner through themselves in two getting this work performed. At the time it was the largest work to be so. Now of course in this post modern age, we have television shows which are much longer, but for 100 years, the ring held the mark. Even some of your grandparents remember a time when the ring was the quintessential moment of art, though of course many of them did not actually partake of it.

Rackham and Shaw are  the disciples of Wagner,  Rackham in the area of artwork,  Shaw in the area of words. Rackham particular makes a point of displaying bodies and shapes which are different from Wagners conception,  its figures are lean and bright,  as opposed to the Wagnerian conception of rotund.  Shaw delivered the " perfect Wagnerite" as a form of religion.  Shaw was also liberal,  as opposed to Wagner,  who grew increasingly conservative as time went on.  but they were both vegetarians.


Then rather than looking at the music, we are going to look at the literary dimensions, starting with the generation that came of age in the 1890s. Particularly those who were spellbound by the works enormous power. We are then going to look at three authors who took this work and formed it as the great response, and not always positively.

First, we will look at the modernist author, James Joyce, and in particular his book Ulysses, which many people in the older generation, have heard of, but haven't actually read. If Wagner was public, Joyce was private, between the covering sheets. The book Ulysses contained a welder of styles, each one of them as different as the others, and in totality a new kind of artwork. If Wagner was beckoning people to the future, as the late romantic envisioned it, Ulysses was beckoning people to the future as the modern understood it. Realize that modern, in this way of thinking, had been over for about 50 years, to be crowded out what may have been called the contemporary era, which we are still living in now.

We will then look at a poet Ezra Pound and his Cantos. Pound in many ways agreed with Wagner on many of the details of his art, but Pound disagreed with virtually everyone, and in many cases would take time to point it out. He was venturing in to a world of poetry, as Joyce was interested in the realm of prose. It was an irascible kind of poetry, and very few people would truly understand it. We look at Ezra pounds uncompleted masterpiece The Cantor, and its challenge to be the Homer, or Dante, of his time.

Finally the tale lands on Tolkien, which is not the person that your parents would have expected. But Tolkien was engaged in a project which had its generations endowed by Wagner. And don't think Tolkien didn't realize this, because he wanted no part of it. He also didn't want to speak of Hitler, and on the same terms. In his prose masterpiece, also entitled the ring, he details how his world was put together. And the details are, in Tolkien's mind, a generative frequency all his own. We will look at this in immense detail, because the breath of his conception is the reason that anyone would look at him.

We will then look at these authors as producing their own changes as profound as the changes which they inherited from Wagner, including many forms which would be unrecognizable to their parents, including role-playing games.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Codd and Date

7 Week Syllabus for ERM

  1. Galileo
  2. Pascal
  3. Newton
  4. Cantor
  5. Godel
  6. Turning
  7. Codd and Date

In the sciences, Galileo can end a conversation, or be the beginning of one. Even when he is not the subject, he often notes something interesting, which other people later exploit. Sometimes much later. It might seem that he is rather remote from relational database management, but Galileo observed three important things: that the heartbeat is the major way of designing databases, that orbits and heartbeats are the same, and that there is a deep relationship between infinities and continua that is only solved by Cantor.

These three improvements are only a glimpse of what Galileo did, and yet most people would be proud to do just one of these things. We will explore how he did this, from 1604 when he discovered heartbeats, to 1638 when he elucidated that there was a relationship between whole and fractional parts of a series.


Pascal is remembered for many things, but in this role he started work on calculation machines and why this was important to digital computers.He was also involved in cycloid, and that led the way to the physics of solids. It may not seem that this has much to do with relational databases, but in fact that years how we computer whether we are dealing with random numbers or a set which is whole and integral. 

 He also formulated the Pascals triangle, which was the way Cantor used to formulate the idea that something could be countable and yet unlimited. 


if Galileo was to find the outlines of the problem, Newton found the answers, though he was secretive about how he got them. He got answers by formalism, that is a general solution to a problem, and informally based on different proves which did not solve the problem, but worked there way around them. This combined method of theoretical and practical solutions meant that the problems which may had to be able to solve, good be done.


Cantors great achievement was realizing what had actually been proven. First he discovered that Pascal's triangle meant that real numbers were countable, while transcendental numbers were uncountable. This is the result of showing that all whole numbers fit on pascals triangle, but transcendental numbers are more numerous, which he proved, though often to vigorous debate.


It Cantor had made a distinction between finite and infinite, and with different kinds of infinite; Godel erased the distinction between symbols - and numbers etc. he published a proof in his late 20s, and showed how addition traction and so on could be in the same field as numbers.This means all systems, that are infinite are 3 value, not 2 (true,false,no value).


First Turing simplified dels complex number language with a simple device - well simple to computer scientists - which was close to buildable, and that it would be possible to represent an algorithm. But even when on to prove that it would not be possible to know whether it would halt, answering David Hilbert's question on the decision problem (Entsheidungsprolem).

Codd and Date

Codd and Date  formulated rules  made the relational database specific and portable among all computer  architectures.  currently there is only one which completely adopts ther rules, but many of them have adopted most of them.  this includes IBM System R,  Oracle,  postgres,  Sybase,  and MySQL.  including micro DBMS  produced at MIT.

Canto 12

Canto 12


Reingold, Rheingold, Leuchtende Lust!
 I can hear the maidens cry for it!

It was the last rasp of John Cairdi, whose working  translation  was wobbling
 and new translations were knocking on the door.
 his times over,  not like in the heyday of his fame,
 when Dante was Cairdi,  and all was right with the work,
 win God's of advertising,  the mad men of a mad age,
 would come through it for wisdom on the distant past.

 and proposition VI  on the formal undecidable principles,
 was neglected in every  w-consistent recursive class C along the
 back roads  where VAX C would be spoken,
 and even more arcane dialects,
 giving question to how finite countable could contain the infinite.
 it was a question the past by Hofstadter,  and  echoed in rooms
 that had no name.  but just like it was it was,
 was coming to consciousness,  where men with men,
 lusted for a secret name,  which had a mixture of wanting
 gusto with discussed,  even by men who wanted it.

 try to remember,  that those who didn't want,  but want other people
 to stand up straight,  and be counted for what they are,
 were standing suspect and suspicioned,  they must have wanted
 lust that had no name,  and nothing could remove that special  suspicion,
 even while it was not true.

  amid the towers which were designed for some  South climate,
 not here in the quarafrane  of the Northeast,  hidden  topics
 which had no name,  even have they were spoken.
 how could topics of mathematics position,  being combined
 with passions that  did not have a name.
 as  Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley would overwayne
 the deeper text that overshadowed it.
The Crying of Lot 49 was understood by very few who read,
 even though Thomas Pynchon was a God to the horade
 who went through life praying to God's of the 1960s.

 when John  LeCarre  was beginning to be known  as the un-Bond
 and is film by Alec Guinnese  was just becoming known  as his  doppelgänger in
 that  world a fiction  known as TV.  How did all of this fit together?

mumon  the boomerang code of Godel  numbered TNT:
 people who did not know what they were,
 but they knew they were different,  whether it was the other
 gender,  or the other sex,  or something they could not describe.

 George Santayana arriving in the port of Boston
 was  eight figure that was dying,  too generations before
 he was  fraid by those seeking a rock to base their fir  trees out of.
 it is pound  I am thinking of,  and all his noxious fumes of fascism and Nazis,
 I would rather be some kind of fool  as I am,
 rather than the fool that he is.
 this got us was born of seafoam
 she is later than in air under  Hesperus
 returning to my theme,  I say we came
 to the foot of a great tower; but long before
 we reached it through the marsh, to horns of flaming,
 and this I knew from younger days.

Lord of the Flies, a  nurse was doing something Ned Beaumont face
 with Sam Spade job was long and  bony
Laudanun was on the ice pick to commit the 17th murder
 the telephone rang.  in she answered it and call me.
 in Reno on the 17th,  and it was on Laudanun,
 so far away  from  London Town.

 all mimsy were the  Borogroves
 said Lewis Padgett writing that there is no use
 to describe either Unthahorsten  or his surroundings.

Then I  woke up and stared down at my fingers.



Pascal  triangle,   every day spent looking at this,
 every day staring at  the figures and functions.
We  always have Paris,
You are numerous is shrinking
 your universe is showing in
 your universe is  a  shrinking.
Chamcha  saw  himself reflected in the small cracks of your above the box.
 I am in the accepted that I am.

The  building occupied by the Brickell community relations Council,
 and yet it was
 everything else was demanded by that

 didn't know that  this evening he was going to be in jail,
 over some which meant nothing to him
 but meant everything to friends that he cared for.


It was still New York,  and my night in jail was  ahead of me.
 with raging bells,   and silent screams,  all ringing through my head.
 it was night it was winter,  at least in my imagination
 but in reality it was fall,  early fall.
 and all the things that fill in  entails
 were scattered on the floor,
 watching ants crawl  the nips and tucks.
 to watch over the hill and darkness,
 and to imagine greater then  any generation had yet seen.
  Pluto was still a planet,  and we did not know either Kuiper,  or Oorte cloud planets.
 and no one knew how many there were.
 while deep in space we saw stars,  as yet there were no planets
 that were  orbited among them.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Das Rheingold - A Summary

Cast in for acts.


Woglinde, Wellgunde, and Flosshilde play again the rhine river, celebrating the Rheingold. Alberich comes wandering through, and is spurned by each of the three rhine maidens, and learns that the only way to defeat them, is to reject love. Alone, Alberich is willing to do so, and steals the gold.


Wotan, lord of the gods, sees that the two giants which he bargained for a castle have completed it. the giants demand Freia, which is there payment for the castle. Wotan tells is wife not to be worried, he will find something else that they will accept. the giants arrive on stage and demand payment. Which Wotan, by the treaties on his spear, must give them. Loge arrives back and reports that there is only one thing that the giants will accept: the Rheingold cast as a ring.

Wotan tries to offer something else, but the giants will have none of it, and they leave. without Freia's magical apples the gods begin to grow old, and so Wotan decides to go under the earth to fetch the Rheingold, so as to give it to the giants for the payment of the castle.


In the round of the under earth, called Nibelheim, Wotan and Loge find that Alberich as slaved the others, and torment them into doing what he wants. in addition to the ring, he also has a helm which will either turn in invisible, or into whatever form he wants. First Loge asks to take on a large form, and then timely asks to see him in the form of a toad, which Alberich happily does. This is the moment that the two gods were waiting for, and they bind him and return to their mount top.


On the mountaintop Wotan wants all of Alberich treasure, and most importantly the helm and the ring. Though Alberich does not want to part with them, he has no choice, but he places a curse on who ever holds them. Then the giants enter in, hoping that the gods cannot deliver on the Rheingold. at first will then keeps the ring, and the giants will not have any of it. then Erda appears, out of the ground, and warns Wotan to relinquish the ring, as it is cursed. Wotan does so, and calls the giants back to give them the ring. Immediately the giants fall in too quarreling over who is to receive the ring, at once Wotan and Loge realize that it is because of the curse, and realize that any plot to regain the ring will be doomed to failure. The gods and goddesses enter in to the castle.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Canto 11


It was alight and alive, this lazy chain of death,
it was a time be for the Internet hummed and computers listened
from every Middlesex village and farm.
It was on the Hudson River, where the Mohawk stood,
it was morning, it was night, it was anything but the sun.

Arise fair sun, and make the shreds of air recoil into the darkness,
because every man who loved another man, was reticent,
because it was an age not to long before when everything was different.
Mothers did not talk about it, and fathers feared that they would be less of a man.

It was the Republican of all Republicans, and their would be more yet to come,
even the Democrats were Republican, as if anyone knew there name.
“I am the way into the city will
I am the way to enforcing themselves
I am the way to eternal sorrow
sacred justice in my architecture
I was raised here by divine omnipotence
primordial love and ultimate intelligence
only those elements time cannot wear
were made before me and beyond time I stand
Armageddon all hope you will enter here.”

John Ciandi wrote those lines after the Dante, and I didn't yet know Dante,
though I would time time in time to time.
“Per me se va citta dolente
per me se va l'ellelno dolore
per me se va tra la perduteI gente”
We were Raucous we were enthuse, as if nonethuned
We knew we right, the way Dante was right,
and John was wrong, alone with his thoughts about I and I, and I,
as opposed to me and me and me and me.

“Fafner,der wilde Wurm,
lagert im finstren Wald,
mit den furchtbaren Leibes Wucht.”


“We now come to the object of our exercises:”
redefine in terms of connectedness.
And know the time was closer than we dream possible

Closer than we even knew, because old people wanted it, but couldn't speak it's name.
Hot, the breath was on Godel, Escher, and Bach


though you are with people you are alone,
it's okay I understand, this is now never never land,
and staring at the corners of grace,
over the changes of the face,
that strangest of another day,
hard and cold, as if another sun.
that merrily trip to different drummer,
whose beat was different that the stars might know,
though cord and anxious through every point on the curve.
A different drummer from a different time,
where stars and stripes meant different things,
it was the war, the only war, the war to end all wars,
men and women felt differently because they had not known•,
of Vietnam or South Korea, which were different wars from different ages.
Making the anatomy of revelation their theme,
and to in all our societies these radicals were very conscious
and usually very of their small numbers
though cracked the mirror is, they sought as distant,
for who's to say what is distant in the calamitous 14th Century?
When figures that made sense to only them,
winked and popped out of the RAM relevant.
They didn't know the power that it had.
Still trying to avert that last calamity,
such a common word in Chaucer's age.
I have raised the dangers
pleasing round your rock;
Valkyrie you are no longer.
The soda tablet tell it,
nobody back in Bombay really wanted to sue Gabriel
to kill in court the goose that laid the golden eggs.
All parties recognized that the old
projects were no longer capable of being restarted:
actors directors key Krugman's
members even sound stages were otherwise committed.
His wives now made playing to him
that they expected him to fulfill his husband really duties
in particular and worked out a
wrote a system under which he would spend a day
with each one of the girls in turn,
( at the curtain each day and night were converted

such was God of very God,
and Allah was his name, for now.
What would he be tomorrow?
No one would know that and until
the tomorrow that never came.


it was the rage of Jackson by Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
A blot upon his sacred word which was pronounced the age of Roosevelt,
and all the holy things it could contain,
He had to write the age of Jackson, because it was der rigeur,
but he did not have the heart for it in the way he wrote
1919-1333: The crisis of the old order,
every solution was a thought one mind said Emerson,
the White House, midnight, Friday, March 3, 1933
across the country the banks of the
nation had gradually shuttered their windows and locked their doors.
The very machinery of the American economy theme to be coming to a stop.
The rich and fertile nation, overflowing with
but bankruptcy of ideas seemed almost the Hmong intellectuals.

To mix metaphors from the beginning until the end.
Every branch and twig was mixed together,
all at once, all of the same time.

All roads lead in our day to Moscow
that was lesson that some drew from 1933.

but the lesson that we drew,
was that in the darkness,
we would have a different kind of hope.
The kind of hope that our grandfather and grandmother knew,

 when the world was crashing down.

Organ Prelude in C

Monday, January 12, 2015

Canto Z

All foolhardy sadness and tales of woe,
I ache with love, and all the tremors,
The Bletchley Park has sown into the world.
It was also in Foysle's War, though no mention of Turing,
No, mention of Turing, no mention of Turing.

On Formally undecidable propositions of TNT and related systems,
on Godel title, which is most important theoretical paper in early
part of the 20th century. That and Turing will be the result.

in the middle of heaven God
made it
more than the sun
in are eye, so says the irascible poet
claws his way from dubious end,
From strangely painted beginning.

To ease ever Nautilus and that is the beginning,
and is named is on tellers sold squared and you can sukemake
in something for nothing and back again.
Names not even poet among his flaws
but converses with someone something somehow changed
the life as a God to men's name is Joyce,
and if that is son and Holy Ghost,
remember that JRR is God.
Mary gentle men doing
Kubla Khan had intended had Aiulipiti called Gin Tsong
or maybe it was Jen song, in that way voice never quite hit the open key
or takes the measure of the tape types the system
one canceling out the other and the behavior
because most anything the yield similar high-level
resultsof other parts which the result that it does not matter
too much what happens on the low level.

There be dragons here, because I know that that is not true.
True and false are but three of two,
and a “n” is still hiding in the background,
waiting for us in all true false not found eternity,
which is only a way of saying that types you can measure
our but this poem on the sinking ship,
we content ourselves here
with indicating the proof of this propositions in outline,
since it offers no difficulties of principles and his somewhat involved with God.
Very God of very God, this notion is false.
So this is true, and therefore not under these circumstances,
and in all other circumstances which can be named.
With which the spire comes downstairs and he
stood upon the pavement of the crossways
he listened for a while as he heard the type breast
pawing at the window of the computer trying to
and all my syllables can't allow,
for Godel, Echer, Bach, who were less problems of the century.
And there are new ones to the maintained.

As mice are coax to grade brain cells and regenerate them
as if zeppelin so constructed
and take their name LZ 26
0000: 0A 54 69 74 6C 65 09 54 69 6D 65 09 43 6F 6C 6F .Title.Time.Colo
0010: 75 72 09 50 65 6F 70 6C 65 09 53 63 69 65 6E 63   ur.People.Scienc
0020: 65 20 2F 20 41 72 74 09 4D 65 61 6E 69 6E 67 0A e / Art.Meaning.
0030: 54 65 6C 65 6D 61 63 68 75 73 09 38 61 6D 20 2D Telemachus.8am -
0040: 20 39 61 6D 09 47 6F 6C 64 20 2F 20 77 68 69 74 9am.Gold / whit
0050: 65 09 0A 54 65 6C 65 6D 61 63 68 75 73 0A 4D 65 e..Telemachus.Me
0060: 6E 74 6F 72 0A 41 6E 74 69 6E 6F 75 73 0A 53 75 ntor.Antinous.Su
0070: 69 74 6F 72 73 0A 50 65 6E 65 6C 6F 70 65 0A 54 itors.Penelope.T
0080: 68 65 6F 6C 6F 67 79 09 44 69 73 70 6F 73 73 65 heology.Disposse
0090: 73 73 65 64 20 73 6F 6E 20 69 6E 20 63 6F 6E 74 ssed son in cont
00A0: 65 73 74 0A 4E 65 73 74 6F 72 09 39 61 6D 20 2D est.Nestor.9am -
00B0: 20 31 30 61 6D 09 42 72 6F 77 6E 09 0A 54 65 6C 10am.Brown..Tel
00C0: 65 6D 61 63 68 75 73 0A 4E 65 73 74 6F 72 0A 50 emachus.Nestor.P
00D0: 69 73 69 73 74 72 61 74 75 73 0A 48 65 6C 65 6E isistratus.Helen
00E0: 0A 48 69 73 74 6F 72 79 09 54 68 65 20 77 69 73 .History.The wis
00F0: 64 6F 6D 20 6F 66 20 74 68 65 20 61 6E 63 69 65 dom of the ancie

0100: 6E 74 73 0A 50 72 6F 74 65 75 73 09 31 30 61 6D nts.Proteus.10am
0110: 20 2D 20 31 31 61 6D 09 42 6C 75 65 09 0A 54 65 - 11am.Blue..Te
0120: 6C 65 6D 61 63 68 75 73 0A 50 72 6F 74 65 75 73 lemachus.Proteus
0130: 0A 4D 65 6E 65 6C 61 75 73 0A 48 65 6C 65 6E 0A .Menelaus.Helen.
0140: 4D 65 67 61 70 65 6E 74 68 65 73 0A 50 68 69 6C Megapenthes.Phil
0150: 6F 6C 6F 67 79 09 50 72 69 6D 61 6C 20 6D 61 74 ology.Primal mat
0160: 74 65 72 0A 43 61 6C 79 70 73 6F 09 38 61 6D 20 ter.Calypso.8am
0170: 2D 20 39 61 6D 09 4F 72 61 6E 67 65 09 0A 43 61 - 9am.Orange..Ca
0180: 6C 79 70 73 6F 0A 50 65 6E 65 6C 6F 70 65 0A 55 lypso.Penelope.U
0190: 6C 79 73 73 65 73 0A 43 61 6C 6C 69 64 69 63 65 lysses.Callidice
01A0: 0A 4D 79 74 68 6F 6C 6F 67 79 09 54 68 65 20 64 .Mythology.The d
01B0: 65 70 61 72 74 69 6E 67 20 77 61 79 66 61 72 65 eparting wayfare
01C0: 72 0A 4C 6F 74 75 73 20 45 61 74 65 72 73 09 39 r.Lotus Eaters.9
01D0: 61 6D 20 2D 20 31 30 61 6D 09 44 61 72 6B 20 62 am - 10am.Dark b
01E0: 72 6F 77 6E 09 0A 45 75 72 79 6C 6F 63 68 75 73 rown..Eurylochus
01F0: 0A 50 6F 6C 69 74 65 73 0A 55 6C 79 73 73 65 73 .Polites.Ulysses

0200: 0A 4E 61 75 73 69 63 61 61 0A 43 68 65 6D 69 73 .Nausicaa.Chemis
0210: 74 72 79 09 54 68 65 20 74 65 6D 70 74 61 74 69 try.The temptati
0220: 6F 6E 20 6F 66 20 66 61 69 74 68 0A 48 61 64 65 on of faith.Hade
0230: 73 09 31 31 61 6D 20 2D 20 31 32 70 6D 09 42 6C s.11am - 12pm.Bl
0240: 61 63 6B 2D 77 68 69 74 65 09 0A 55 6C 79 73 73 ack-white..Ulyss
0250: 65 73 0A 45 6C 70 65 6E 6F 72 0A 41 6A 61 78 0A es.Elpenor.Ajax.
0260: 41 67 61 6D 65 6D 6E 6F 6E 0A 48 65 72 63 75 6C Agamemnon.Hercul
0270: 65 73 0A 45 72 69 70 68 79 6C 65 0A 53 69 73 79 es.Eriphyle.Sisy
0280: 70 68 75 73 0A 4F 72 69 6F 6E 0A 4C 61 65 72 74 phus.Orion.Laert
0290: 65 73 20 65 74 63 2E 0A 50 72 6F 6D 65 74 68 65 es etc..Promethe
02A0: 75 73 0A 43 65 72 62 65 72 75 73 0A 54 69 72 65 us.Cerberus.Tire
02B0: 73 69 61 73 0A 48 61 64 65 73 0A 50 72 6F 73 70 sias.Hades.Prosp
02C0: 65 72 70 69 6E 61 0A 54 65 6C 65 6D 61 63 68 75 erpina.Telemachu
02D0: 73 0A 41 6E 74 69 6E 6F 75 73 0A 2D 09 54 68 65 s.Antinous.-.The
02E0: 20 64 65 73 63 65 6E 74 20 69 6E 74 6F 20 6E 6F descent into no
02F0: 74 68 69 6E 67 6E 65 73 73 0A 41 65 6F 6C 75 73 thingness.Aeolus

0CA0: 66 20 74 68 65 20 53 75 6E 09 50 72 6F 73 65 2C f the Sun.Prose,

On the right hand of God. And left and of Lord of the Flies.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Joyce's Ulysses

James Joyce

Set on
16 June 1904 ("Bloomsday")  in Dublin,  Ireland
 The year that Joyce left  Ireland.

A fragmentary tale featuring  stream of consciousness,  and dactylic hexameter.

The Telemachiad

1  Telemachus

It is 8 AM a.m. Buck Mulligan  calls on Stephan Dedalus  to the roof of Sandycove Martello  Tower. There there is tension between the two from the remark that Stefan over Mulligan about his recently deceased mother.  they are joined by an English student Haines,  to stay with them.  the three men eat breakfast and go on to shore.  Mulligan demands from Stefan to  the tower,  and a loan.  Stephen says that he will not return to the tower tonight,  because Mulligan has taken it over. The section is in dactylic hexameter.

2 Nestor

Teaching a history class on the victories of Pyrrhus,  Stefan pays after class to help Cyril Sargent  with arithmetic.  Stefan looks at Sargent  imagining that Sergeants mother  wants him.  he then visits Garrett Deasy,  the headmistress of the school,  to you receive a and to get a letter,  to take to a newspaper office.  the two discussed Irish history,  and the role of Jews in the  economy.  the  schoolmistress is particularly violent about Jews in Ireland. 

3 Proteus

After this encounter Stefan finds his way to Sandymount  strand,  modeling. Important concepts,  and then comes back to earth reflecting on his family,  is life studying in Paris, and his mother's death.  he lies down beneath the rocks.  then notices a couple and a dog.  than scrolls some ideas for poetry,  and urinates behind a rock.  band Stephen reflects on foreign phrases employed in this piece.

Part 2  The Odyssey

4  Calypso

It is 8 AM,  again,  and main protagonist is Leo Bloom.  after starting to make breakfast,  he walks to a butcher to buy a pork kidney.   he then returns home and makes breakfast.  he goes upstairs to his wife Molly.  Bloom fantasists about her meeting Blazes Boylan later in the day to fuck.   Bloom then a missive from Milly Bloom

5  Lotus Eaters

At Westland Row  PO  he receives  a love letter from Martha Clifford addressed to " Henry flower",  which is really him.  he needs  an acquaintance and leaders at a woman wearing stockings.  next,  he reads a letter,   he then tears up the letter.  he wonders into a Church service,  and his thoughts wander to Catholic theology.  he then meets Bantam Lyon,  who is taken offers what seems to be a racing For the horse in the next race. 

6  Hades

Bloom enters a funeral with three others.  they dry to the funeral parlor,  discussing various rights of funerals.  l is concerned by lots of his son,  is dead,  and suicide which took his father.  they enter the chapel,  leaving with a coffin.  Bloom  concentrates on  the science on living well.

7 Aeolus

Bloom tries to get an ad published in the paper,  at first it seems the man by the  counter is  trying to help,  but gradually  he is frustrated.  bloom and  Stephan are both there, but do not meet each other.  in the background there are a stripper headlines,  and  of  figures of rhetoric.

8 Lestygonians

 there is food in the air,  with snippets of  various people thinking what they want -  or Bloom  thinking that what they want.  he stops and meets ()  and here's news of Mina  delivery of a baby.  he goes in to the restaurant of Burton Hotel,  where upon he is revolted by men consuming like animals.  he turns around and instead goes to Davy Byrne -  a pub that is close by.  he consumes a Gorgonzola cheese sandwich and a glass of Burgundy,  which is very expensive.  he thinks of the early days of Molly and how the marriage has declined.  he thinks about what God's and goddesses eat and drink.  wondering if they have the same  canal has two mortars.  he spies Boylan,  and  rushes across the street to the museum, but instead gets to the gallery.

9 Scylla and  Charybdis

Based on the fictional works of Shakespeare,  with Stephan  explaining  to  various scholars his theory that Hamlet is based largely on Shakespeare's wife.  bloom comes in to the National Library,  and  meets Stephan unknowingly.

10  wandering rocks

19 short vignettes  on the streets of Dublin,  both major and minor.

11 Sirens

Bloom has dinner with Stefan's uncle at a hotel,  juxtapose against Mollies lover  having a tryst with her.  afterwards stiffens father  listens to the singing,  in various different keys and rhythms.

12 Cyclops

Narrated by an unnamed character,  among others,  and his encounter with " the citizen".  Bloom walks in,  and is immediately accosted by the pro-Irish, and anti-Jewish,  Citizen.  bloom reminds  the Citizen that Jesus was a Jew.

13 Nausicaa
First seems that a young woman contemplates love femininity and marriage.  then it becomes clear that Bloom  is fantasizing about a woman he sees in the distance.  bloom climaxes and is echoed by fireworks.  Then we see that Gerty has a lame leg,  which has not been mentioned,  presuming them that everything has been in Blooms mind. Bloom decides what to do,  and then goes off to visit Mina Purefore,  at the hospital.

14  The oxen of Sun

Bloom watches Mina Purefoy give birth at the maternity hospital. he finally meets Stephan and Buck,  and their friends.  they leave and go to a pub to celebrate the child. " after a short incantation, the episode starts with latinate prose, Anglo-Saxon alliteration, and moves on through parodies of, among others, Malory, the King James Bible, Bunyan, Defoe,Sterne, Walpole, Gibbon, Dickens, and Carlyle, before concluding in a haze of nearly incomprehensible slang."

15 Circe

Written as a play.  the plot is if you are grounded by visions experience by Stephen and Bloom.  these are in the form of questions of Bloom and Stephen.  the actual, is in walking and to the "red light district" -  Nighttown.  eventually they wind up at Bella Cohen -  again note Jewish name along with a suit keep of figures: Zoe Higgins, Florry Tabot, and Kitty Ricketts.  first he is accused of many transgressions,  most of which are in his mind,  then he is set up by accusing women, Yelverton Barry, Mrs. Bellingham, and Honorable Mrs. Mervyn Taboys.  re-awoken by Bloom who witnesses Stevens overpaying for services,  bloom decides to keep the money for safe keeping.  going down to hallucination land Stefan hallucinates that his dead mother has gotten up from floor,  and smashes it with a locking stick.  Bloom runs out and finds Stephen with an English soldier,  who punches him in the gut.  the police arrived and disperse the onlookers.  bloom is then pending to Stephen and relating how have the vision of Rudy,  his  dead child.

Part 3:  The Nostos

16 Eumaeus

The two go to the cadmen's shelter,  to  awaken Stephan.  while they are they made a drunken sailor,  WB Murphy.  their are mistaken identities and it is not clear who is who.

17 Ithaca

Bloom and Stefan  goes back to his place,  and make a cup of cocoa and discuss cultural and legal differences between them. they discuss the possibility of printing Steffens  stories.  at this point Bloom offers Stefan a place to sleep.  Stephen refuses blooms offer.  he is also not clear about those proposal of future meetings.  men urinate.  Stephen departs and goes off.  Bloom retires to sleep,  when Molly wakes up.  she then asks him on his day,  while thinking about 25 men perceived as Molly's paramours. there are many errors introduced by Joyce.

18 Penelope

The closing episode consists of Molly Bloom's thoughts as she lies next to Mr. Bloom.  Molly thinks about her to lovers.  she also thinks about past lovers includes Stanley G.  Gardner.  then her thoughts turn to her childhood and the singing career that she had   ended.  the episode concludes with mollies remembrance of Bloom  marriage proposal.  she then said yes,  with a stream of consciousness. "he asked me what I yes to say yes my mountain flower and first I put my arms around him yes and drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts all perfume yes and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes."

Title                         Time         Colour
Telemachus          8am - 9am Gold / white
Nestor                  9am - 10am Brown
Proteus                 10am - 11am Blue

Calypso                  8am - 9am Orange
Lotus Eaters             9am - 10am Dark brown
Hades                  11am - 12pm Black-white
Aeolus                  12pm - 1pm Red
Lestrygonians          1pm - 2pm Blood red
Scylla and                2pm - 3pm
Wandering Rocks 3pm - 4pm Rainbow
Sirens                 4pm - 5pm Coral
Cyclops                 5pm - 6pm Green
Nausicaa (Sunset)   8pm - 9pm       Grey
Oxen of the Sun     10pm - 11pm White
Circe                      11pm - 12am    Violet

The Nostos
Eumaeus               12am - 1am -
Ithaca               1am - 2am         -
Penelope                Infinity             -