Thursday, May 5, 2011

In brief

Portugal's "bail out" is really a bail out of lenders, not Portugal, and is intended to slow down a run on Spain. However, with low growth, there is almost no doubt that an attack on Spain is inevitable, because Germany and France still have room to give.

Next time Nick sell your soul, don't give it away.

The bin Laden mission was not an extraction. Or as Rooster Cogburn said, "Dead or alive, means dead." This means that Pakistan, increasingly where the edge of the sword is, is unhappy.

An example of how fundamentalism is a post-modern movement, fragmenting or re-imagining texts, complete with alternate quotations.

Oil falls, because speculators worry that the recovery might have peaked already.

Remember, there is nothing that the corporate system can't screw up. Problem: there's no Fed of the atmosphere, and toxic waste assets don't go into the ocean.