Saturday, October 15, 2011

I can tell Jobs is dead

Everything about the new Lion interface is afflicted with catch-22. Catch-22 is when an application wants to violate the rules of the interface to do something, then the interface doesn't let you do it because it violates the rules. Try placing a quick face time call to someone not in your contacts, then find out it isn't easy to add a contact in face time, then find out that the contact syncs over when it has no use.


Lion is terrible, don't downgrade to it unless you have to. Betaware released for pay. Awful.

iPhone has dreaded "you can't do that" cycles. Can't get out of program, such as mail, can't get back to main screen, because there is a modal dialog box, and get Siri rather than the home screen. Siri is unresponsive to getting out.

1. Modal dialog is evil. Modal dialog is always evil. Modal dialog is always evil.
2. Never violate the over-ride. Never violate the over-ride.
3. Never put people in loops where they can't get out.

Someone please, fire the entire UI team that did this. Just fire them now.