Saturday, August 4, 2012

One of the greatest fails of Generation #fail leaves

The problem with Cass, other than he's not very smart, is that he is used to having a group of people who are both inexperienced and utterly dependent on his whims. Of course nudges work in such an environment.

The present social problem has many faces, but one of them is the "middle-less society" which is the ultimate vision of the top in a top down society – they push a button and people on the bottom do it, without the unreliable and tectonic middle that filters or implements. Cass was one of the prophets of how to make a society without a middle work, and it has failed dramatically because there always has to be an enforcer or interpreter class. We are far from the first society that has tried to remove the middle.

Sadly, I'm likely to hear more from him now, which is truly a pity. (HT to the commenter who caught the typo.)

There is a way to get the wealth to trickle down

It's called "tax the rich."