Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Screwtape proposes a toast

I was born into a nation whose national day was July 4th, and whose creed was dedicated to the principle that all men were created equal. I live in a nation whose national day is September 11th, and whose creed is that we will kill the ebil dewers. So long as they aren't bankers, search companies, iPhone makers, oil companies, real estate swindlers, or whatever other corporate exception we have carved out.

But this one nation, of Bush v Gore, Citizens United, enemy combatants, executive assassinations, and pervasive denial of evolution, climate, and basic human decency, is eroding. On this day, September 11th is a few fading bumper stickers. It is less present than Pearl Harbor was. It may be revived, as July 4th is actually a revival of a date that was not that important at the time – John Adams though that July 2nd would be the national day. However, that revival will mean something quite different. Because we didn't just sleep, we were stoned.

Different from the growing cult among the old of "St. Hitch" who is the patron saint of sell outs,  of every old man who betray everything they young man stood for. The spirit of fear that stalks those whose chattel rebels, and whose distant slaves, beyond the reach of conscience, come to the bed side with a blade.

But these are old men's totems. The young are not terrified of Islam, people with scarves run the registers where they buy beer, and

On September 11th, in this Septembrist nation, I give you July 4th, the once and future founding of America.