Friday, September 26, 2014

String Quartet #9 - Chris

Of one starts  with  a phrase,  that brings out,   not heard of the  beginning.  is because  the music often goes forward,  as well as backward,  from this Ur-moment.    It will travels forward, and backward,  routing out its  ending,it as well as its beginning.  in this case the movement  is in the middle of the second movement,  when the  fury,  and at the same time the analytical nature is both contained.   It reaches backward to a  calmness which was there from the beginning,  and forward to a  whirlwind that is contained in the last movement.  this is truly a piece that, wall it doesn't look like it,  is actually one piece from beginning to end.

Most  pieces are not in that way,  they contain many themes,  many contrasts,  many position points,  and thus have many changes.  but some are,  and this, particularly, is one of them. This is why beginning is a coolness,  a  calmness,  which stretches forward,  and contains the city of God,  which shows itself two thirds of the way through the first movement.   the other  side contained in the last movement,  which is not a roar,  but imitation.

Thus the sides are in fact one and the same,  which is you listen to it you can tell.