Thursday, January 8, 2015

Canto X - Thorne and Guth


I lay the thing upon the page and look at numbers
which are in my grandfather's hand,
it is a penmanship of a shaky handed man
who was a physicist in his day
and invented the X-ray microscope,
a student who worked on the first electron microscope in the new world,
maybe even the whole world,
the times they are not precise.
I can read in those letters
“in 1970s all attempts
to join relativity & quantum
mechanics assured that space
was continuous no matter
small a sample tested
loop quantum gravity dogged
this assertion”

ie. A point in specifics as
defined only by what Physically
happens at it, not by its
location according to some specific
set of constituents ( no context
are pushed the loops are small circular counted loops.”

He mentions several people who I had met,
such as Kip Thorne, and Alan Guth.

He was convinced that there was more,
and now I think I have found it,
though I never believed until now that there was
anything to it.

(4^8)^ 8


“as we go through the steps we will concentrate
on what happens at that step and how it fits in with the rest of the process
rather than repeating all the detailed discussion
that step because it is already given above we will however
reading will however refer to the pages
above where this detail me be reviewed

their must be to primitive particles and one has to be a graviton.
We have no idea of how frequently this may happen.
The uncertainty jitter and drunkards walk of the first two
will likely initiate more spontaneous creations.
A one dimensional graviton must have some linear extent.
As pointed out above.
A one dimensional graviton must have some linear extent.
For aggregation we are inclined towards the body
centered cubic structure with vapor phase growth
we must keep in mind that 16 orders of magnitude
exist between the size of a proton and the Plank length
for the packing of the two kinds of gravitons.”

This was November 2005,
the Planck Length is already
visible from free young to very old,


Utopia, a line from Mad Men,
along with an explanation of the two meanings,
“portentous enunciation syllables to blessed syllable refined and sound”
as the poet Wallace Stevens said.
The medium is just a message,
that speaks louder than words.
That moves the 5:31, if that is a time out to Long Island.

Or more memorial is in the A Catatonia
But Having A Sleeping Rye ,New York.
But Skip The Revolution Gonzales That Drills After Castro And Babylon.
Because No One Remembers Israel In That Life,
There Is No Zion That One Remembers That Way.
But They Still Sing about It.


It's Red
will harass someone who is down Neville Chamberlain would
absolutely would, give his mother anything that he asked
in Europe on that particular day just to get out of Barrglary.
Baroquery was laying around the grounds,


I will say it anything about Baroque, and that midle period
between the Renaissance and the Baroque,
which many people don't believe it exists.
But other people have exact knowledge of when it happened.
They have fights, conducted essentially cordwainer Smith.


did you tell your kids there was no Santa Claus?
When the Pacific was all about gasoline?
When you finish the story,
and talk about how something that heavy could float.

 It was a magical night, and what a good time it was.

String Quartet #9 - 2 The Childe Harold


There  will be 100 of the Cantos.  It a long project,  not a short one.