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Joyce's Ulysses

James Joyce

Set on
16 June 1904 ("Bloomsday")  in Dublin,  Ireland
 The year that Joyce left  Ireland.

A fragmentary tale featuring  stream of consciousness,  and dactylic hexameter.

The Telemachiad

1  Telemachus

It is 8 AM a.m. Buck Mulligan  calls on Stephan Dedalus  to the roof of Sandycove Martello  Tower. There there is tension between the two from the remark that Stefan over Mulligan about his recently deceased mother.  they are joined by an English student Haines,  to stay with them.  the three men eat breakfast and go on to shore.  Mulligan demands from Stefan to  the tower,  and a loan.  Stephen says that he will not return to the tower tonight,  because Mulligan has taken it over. The section is in dactylic hexameter.

2 Nestor

Teaching a history class on the victories of Pyrrhus,  Stefan pays after class to help Cyril Sargent  with arithmetic.  Stefan looks at Sargent  imagining that Sergeants mother  wants him.  he then visits Garrett Deasy,  the headmistress of the school,  to you receive a and to get a letter,  to take to a newspaper office.  the two discussed Irish history,  and the role of Jews in the  economy.  the  schoolmistress is particularly violent about Jews in Ireland. 

3 Proteus

After this encounter Stefan finds his way to Sandymount  strand,  modeling. Important concepts,  and then comes back to earth reflecting on his family,  is life studying in Paris, and his mother's death.  he lies down beneath the rocks.  then notices a couple and a dog.  than scrolls some ideas for poetry,  and urinates behind a rock.  band Stephen reflects on foreign phrases employed in this piece.

Part 2  The Odyssey

4  Calypso

It is 8 AM,  again,  and main protagonist is Leo Bloom.  after starting to make breakfast,  he walks to a butcher to buy a pork kidney.   he then returns home and makes breakfast.  he goes upstairs to his wife Molly.  Bloom fantasists about her meeting Blazes Boylan later in the day to fuck.   Bloom then a missive from Milly Bloom

5  Lotus Eaters

At Westland Row  PO  he receives  a love letter from Martha Clifford addressed to " Henry flower",  which is really him.  he needs  an acquaintance and leaders at a woman wearing stockings.  next,  he reads a letter,   he then tears up the letter.  he wonders into a Church service,  and his thoughts wander to Catholic theology.  he then meets Bantam Lyon,  who is taken offers what seems to be a racing For the horse in the next race. 

6  Hades

Bloom enters a funeral with three others.  they dry to the funeral parlor,  discussing various rights of funerals.  l is concerned by lots of his son,  is dead,  and suicide which took his father.  they enter the chapel,  leaving with a coffin.  Bloom  concentrates on  the science on living well.

7 Aeolus

Bloom tries to get an ad published in the paper,  at first it seems the man by the  counter is  trying to help,  but gradually  he is frustrated.  bloom and  Stephan are both there, but do not meet each other.  in the background there are a stripper headlines,  and  of  figures of rhetoric.

8 Lestygonians

 there is food in the air,  with snippets of  various people thinking what they want -  or Bloom  thinking that what they want.  he stops and meets ()  and here's news of Mina  delivery of a baby.  he goes in to the restaurant of Burton Hotel,  where upon he is revolted by men consuming like animals.  he turns around and instead goes to Davy Byrne -  a pub that is close by.  he consumes a Gorgonzola cheese sandwich and a glass of Burgundy,  which is very expensive.  he thinks of the early days of Molly and how the marriage has declined.  he thinks about what God's and goddesses eat and drink.  wondering if they have the same  canal has two mortars.  he spies Boylan,  and  rushes across the street to the museum, but instead gets to the gallery.

9 Scylla and  Charybdis

Based on the fictional works of Shakespeare,  with Stephan  explaining  to  various scholars his theory that Hamlet is based largely on Shakespeare's wife.  bloom comes in to the National Library,  and  meets Stephan unknowingly.

10  wandering rocks

19 short vignettes  on the streets of Dublin,  both major and minor.

11 Sirens

Bloom has dinner with Stefan's uncle at a hotel,  juxtapose against Mollies lover  having a tryst with her.  afterwards stiffens father  listens to the singing,  in various different keys and rhythms.

12 Cyclops

Narrated by an unnamed character,  among others,  and his encounter with " the citizen".  Bloom walks in,  and is immediately accosted by the pro-Irish, and anti-Jewish,  Citizen.  bloom reminds  the Citizen that Jesus was a Jew.

13 Nausicaa
First seems that a young woman contemplates love femininity and marriage.  then it becomes clear that Bloom  is fantasizing about a woman he sees in the distance.  bloom climaxes and is echoed by fireworks.  Then we see that Gerty has a lame leg,  which has not been mentioned,  presuming them that everything has been in Blooms mind. Bloom decides what to do,  and then goes off to visit Mina Purefore,  at the hospital.

14  The oxen of Sun

Bloom watches Mina Purefoy give birth at the maternity hospital. he finally meets Stephan and Buck,  and their friends.  they leave and go to a pub to celebrate the child. " after a short incantation, the episode starts with latinate prose, Anglo-Saxon alliteration, and moves on through parodies of, among others, Malory, the King James Bible, Bunyan, Defoe,Sterne, Walpole, Gibbon, Dickens, and Carlyle, before concluding in a haze of nearly incomprehensible slang."

15 Circe

Written as a play.  the plot is if you are grounded by visions experience by Stephen and Bloom.  these are in the form of questions of Bloom and Stephen.  the actual, is in walking and to the "red light district" -  Nighttown.  eventually they wind up at Bella Cohen -  again note Jewish name along with a suit keep of figures: Zoe Higgins, Florry Tabot, and Kitty Ricketts.  first he is accused of many transgressions,  most of which are in his mind,  then he is set up by accusing women, Yelverton Barry, Mrs. Bellingham, and Honorable Mrs. Mervyn Taboys.  re-awoken by Bloom who witnesses Stevens overpaying for services,  bloom decides to keep the money for safe keeping.  going down to hallucination land Stefan hallucinates that his dead mother has gotten up from floor,  and smashes it with a locking stick.  Bloom runs out and finds Stephen with an English soldier,  who punches him in the gut.  the police arrived and disperse the onlookers.  bloom is then pending to Stephen and relating how have the vision of Rudy,  his  dead child.

Part 3:  The Nostos

16 Eumaeus

The two go to the cadmen's shelter,  to  awaken Stephan.  while they are they made a drunken sailor,  WB Murphy.  their are mistaken identities and it is not clear who is who.

17 Ithaca

Bloom and Stefan  goes back to his place,  and make a cup of cocoa and discuss cultural and legal differences between them. they discuss the possibility of printing Steffens  stories.  at this point Bloom offers Stefan a place to sleep.  Stephen refuses blooms offer.  he is also not clear about those proposal of future meetings.  men urinate.  Stephen departs and goes off.  Bloom retires to sleep,  when Molly wakes up.  she then asks him on his day,  while thinking about 25 men perceived as Molly's paramours. there are many errors introduced by Joyce.

18 Penelope

The closing episode consists of Molly Bloom's thoughts as she lies next to Mr. Bloom.  Molly thinks about her to lovers.  she also thinks about past lovers includes Stanley G.  Gardner.  then her thoughts turn to her childhood and the singing career that she had   ended.  the episode concludes with mollies remembrance of Bloom  marriage proposal.  she then said yes,  with a stream of consciousness. "he asked me what I yes to say yes my mountain flower and first I put my arms around him yes and drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts all perfume yes and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes."

Title                         Time         Colour
Telemachus          8am - 9am Gold / white
Nestor                  9am - 10am Brown
Proteus                 10am - 11am Blue

Calypso                  8am - 9am Orange
Lotus Eaters             9am - 10am Dark brown
Hades                  11am - 12pm Black-white
Aeolus                  12pm - 1pm Red
Lestrygonians          1pm - 2pm Blood red
Scylla and                2pm - 3pm
Wandering Rocks 3pm - 4pm Rainbow
Sirens                 4pm - 5pm Coral
Cyclops                 5pm - 6pm Green
Nausicaa (Sunset)   8pm - 9pm       Grey
Oxen of the Sun     10pm - 11pm White
Circe                      11pm - 12am    Violet

The Nostos
Eumaeus               12am - 1am -
Ithaca               1am - 2am         -
Penelope                Infinity             -