Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Canto 13 - Rashamon


I do not understand,
I do not understand;
I do not understand:
I do not understand!
I do not understand.
Three people waiting,
on three people explain,
Three watching,
One who wants money,
Two who want understanding,
Three who want their point of view.

The Farmer

Head in the clouds,
high in the sky,
the sun in over head.
A lady's hat on the ground,
A woman's comb in the branch.

The Monk

The man was armed with bow and arrows
As well as a sword.
A woman face obscured by a veil.
A human life, wanting.

The Captor

It is the one,
You can see that by the sword,
Bow, and arrows.


Hee Hoo Hee
If it had not been for that wind
I would have kill him already.
Then I saw a goddess,
a Goddess.

I made planes to capture the man,
seduce the woman,
to make her yield to my manhood.
I admit that.

Heroism is the theme, and adventure,
with frozen eyes.
A women with - fiery.

She purpose a combat,
with her going to the winner.
With pearl inlay?
It was valuable -
I should have collect it.
Foolish of me.


Men are fools
Womanizers to a man,
Many casualties were the bold of Tajumora.
Blood and lies are synonymous with him.
What  does the woman  say?
 Did she  show  the  fearlessness that Tajumora
 value so highly?

she's the of the men has made,
 but otherwise her story is different.


My story is  with the knight,
not the bandit,
 about the cold look in his eyes,
the  cold look in his eye,
the  cold look in  his  eyes.
Stop. Stop. Stop,  looking  with me cold look,
 cold look in your eyes.
  then I went black.
and imagine the shock.
with  dagger in his heart,
 and the cold look in his his eyes.
  I threw myself    into the pond for shame.
what else was a poor woman woman to do?
I tried many things to kill myself,
 but none  worked.


but dead men don't lie.
 it would be ridiculous.
  I imagine dead man lying.
and only one to imagine what is good and noble.
I am confused -  the woman uses tears to get her way.
 and man are  the victims.
  I refuse to believe that men are so  sinful.
bring on the medium to tell.
  have him drop the summoning stick.
The Dead Man as Woman

  I am  in darkness now,
    and cursing  those who  left me in dark.
     here the deep the ground will deep drums,
      which reveal my pain.
       I will tell you of those who left in this dark hell.
         the bandit who attacked  was cunning
          now that the  bride was soiled,
           she could no longer be  with me.
            but that was not her  sin,
             and she was the one who  sin
              had grabbed me here.
               it was her desire to kill me,
                 the bandit was going to  kill her.
                  the bandit  would have to worry about his own fate.
                   everything was silent
                    I heard some one  crying
                     someone crying
                      someone crying
                       so I killed myself,  and only myself.
                        because there the dagger was.
                          weep for me,
                           how  quiet  it was,
                            and then someone pull out the  dagger
                              from my heart.
The Farmer

That is not how it happened,
the was killed by a sword,
a sword, not a dagger.

I did not want too get involved,
but I saw the bandit begging
for forgiveness,  for forgiveness.
I saw the dead man demand
her death by her own hand.

Haahahaha  she cried
she was mad, mad, mad.
Than the two men fought over her honor,
not  courageously,  but with trepidation.
with the bride looking on.
as they flailed for their lives
more than the  Death  of the Other.
Finally the bandit killed.

The dead man cried out that he didn't want to die,
and the woman screamed,  and  fought to get away.


Out  of the three,
which is believable?
dogs are better off in this  world.

I knew you took the dagger,
a bandit: another bandit calls him selfish.
That he is rich beyond price.

(cries and cries.)


I am  one who should be ashamed,
you have made me believe in the goodness of man.
I understand and am one with the world.

(A sweep of kindness,  with zithers floating in the breeze.)