Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Canto 18 - Caponsacchi did so long ago


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Urgent need for a position that no one will actually read.


I see the ring in my Hands, and it woofs of wedness,
Moore's the pity that I can't explain
I think these poems into lines that are merely
enjoining thickness for the letters
which really mean everything to the printers realm.
They speak of flowers and presidential advisers,
and all things that mean so much to
our advertisers, because they buy the page
which you the consumer will hold in their fisticuffs,
Which they think they own the newspaper,
would really they merely rent a shilling, or a penny,
that is owned by some advisor who spends money
on policing just such an here or their,
to make a fancy out of golds pure dross,
and make money if they can,
and enough to mind you to make it worth your while,
if you have some gift for it.

As Giuseppe Caponsacchi did so long ago,
insert used service do I sent all right to you?
I was planning something most devious,
sublime really, if I had made my mark,
though it caught me unaware and things had not gone well.
But this I will come to in my tail.
I had a book, no the book, and was planning
to catch the air of the thing, and with that plan
I would you and I and I, take the meaning of the book,
and would respond there with a ring,
so pure as to be pureness, and not just silver but gold.
It would seem as if it was dropped from heights of fancy,
like a Bloom stretched into a shape that was ringness of rings.
There I would, as if a penny would strumming my lyre,
and take me to the moon and back again,
create a forged goldness that would make me
powerful indeed, which like a touch,
would make me invisible, inaudible,
and secret to the ways of ordinary flesh.
And once I have it I would be as powerful
as I wished, and then some, and then some.

But there is more, and more of a kind
which blackness is but a shimmering sheen.
Because I would make my power bend its will,
to take the life of a man, who robbed me of the one thing that
I could never possess, even with the ring made from the pages
of this God forsaken book, which I alone possess.
ado adore, and find my lust made bear in mind mouth,
and beyond in its inexorable way of speaking.

I will find the man and crashing,
caring out the carotid artery and then hurl my way,
until I have reached the bitter heart of him,
and then some, and then some.
As with my ascendant fulcrum,
which cares across his ready face.
And then I shall be here with again.

 With the book the candle and the ring.

Then it reproduces the advertisers wish,
 which is the real meaning,
 in this like the profit  of Mars.