This one, I'm working on converting into reflective prose, it's a complete answer to 'Episodes of Questions, but Patience of Learning'
A domicile, once found, it once was
I have been fortunate.
Forgive my absent minded inquietudes
The words evade me, so ruefully
All of, and yet, just, my world concedes to you, so truthfully
Measureless plaudit, silent but feral, I hear commends an impossible truth
In spite of some verities, being too cavernous to bear
And painfully precious to share, save with you
I can’t but help opening an instinctively closed fist
Waiting for the worthwhile, can at times be trying
An empty chair, promising that patience will soon, be dwarfed by joy
You’ve been a discerning brigand, perhaps involuntarily,
Perhaps besieged and confused by needs, wants and the caricatured reality
Wishes often grow into near-sighted mistakes, we let them go
Without them however, where can there be the fissure through which
Exception becomes decision
Amidst any confusion or whims with thou, there still resides guidance
And connivance never witnessed, even by my own imagination
Can I surrender? I have.
it’s become a ticklish presage unfolding before me A Myrrh bid, having to settle with
That opaque truth, untimely but welcome, that swarming verve, real
Brought troubled waters, for a virtue’s imperturbable calm is often, intimidating
Of knowing you never were to barter midway, anything
I’d seem to be doing unequaled injustice, to inherit the aridity of doubts,
Furtively glancing, to acquaint me, with the unbecoming allures
Doubts which fear a truth so unlikely but absolute
I dare not even looking, into the eyes of what I harbor for you
I dread not being able to blink, it’s here nakedly patient, undeniable
It is heart-rending and pregnant with profundity
Not a licentious misadventure with you, only dignified liberty
Not a hunt,
Just pure sentiment, tunefully blunt.

Ismael Soumare, Saturday January 24th, 2015
Great work from Ismael