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Canto 1Y - Tiger King


There were 9 kings of legend of the Eshwar, the plains of the rivers.
A dynasty? At once?
The epics disagree. But so and so,
the Tiger king was the fifth, whether in order, or one of many.
And what makes him memorable, O priest of this and that
Ducale mimicked the pattering rhythm that the priest had taken on in explaining.
The Tiger King is one of the three felines: Lion, Tiger, Panther.
Each was gifted in the hunt.

So the Tiger King's hymns describe how he hunted beast,
animal, and man,
the way a Tiger does, and how his strength and ferocity
made him able to tear apart even the giants, his hands were like claws,
and he could leap to the over even the high walls,
and land delivering blows that would smite even armored heros.
And so the Tiger King had many tales,

but some were not encompassed by the hymns, and among these are...
Among these are many carved on stele through out the northern forests,
for his cult is strong there.
But not all of these are accorded whole status.
One cannot include everything scratched by every penitent or devotee,
No, of course not, only the reliable devout.
You sound as if you harbor some doubts.
Tell the tale.


The chronicle quotes the stele at some length.
It describes how there descended a chariot of light,
not a fragment of the
nor yet a falling star,
but drawn by creatures, with heads of hawks,
 and bodies of lions, with claws like tigers.
And the light was so bright that those who saw it were blinded,
 and the terraced fields withered, the creatures ran in madness
and drowned themselves in the rivers and waters.
Soon after came a rain of many days.
Go on.
Ducale peered at his companion,
 searching for some sign as to how the priest thought of this account.
So the Tiger King came to confront this chariot of light and its riders,
who were one rider with three bodies joined at the hips.
The first, in the center, was an archer,
shooting arrows that felled all in their path, the second, on the right,
held a heavy mace that struck blows in the ground,
smashing mountains, the third,
on the left, carried an incense burner, which dried the land of water.
Your scriptures then would attribute this to a celestial being?
So it was to the Tiger King.”


And what did the stele say?
It said that he struck the steeds dead, and then wrestled the charioteer,
drowning him in the waters. So, says the stone,
is the source of the gold that is still found in the streams of that area.
If such a being did this, would we not see them?
If it were still here.
So if it were, it would be far beyond two small men.
This would be the case.
Might there be lesser beings of the same type?
There often is, but nothing I have read has said anything of it.
Ducale gave a curt nod.


We were sent on stories, we have found one.
Do you think we can return with just this, Ducale?
No, you mention gold,
which means that there is not one lord in court who would accept
 that we have not gone to the waters, and searched for traces of it.
I do not understand this new love of gold that your court has.
We are a nomadic people, and so we love that which is rare,
and portable. Gems, gold, precious spices, aromatics, exotic feathers.
But gold has a special place.
It is the metal of the sun.


The old hymns speak of bronze as the metal of the sun.
But they do not speak of this.
And your old stories do?
They speak of the coming of the serpentine,
and the ripping of poct marks in the earth that game
from the combat of the Arisir with them.
You think this is that?

I fein we will find no droplets of the sun's blood here.
And so I believe my tales closer than your chronicles to be a guide.
The heavier man genuinely scowled, and as soon as Ducale had turned back to surveying the landscape, said a four syllable prayer to expunge the unbelief from the air, lest its smell attract the attention of one of the Helpers.

That, he thought, they absolutely did not need.
Ducale had begun picking his way down the slope
 towards the lake, and Subramanian followed behind,
glancing up as often as forward. Ducale did have one saving grace:
he was stealthy and careful, and not a stick did he crack.


March for Change
In Spain! In Spain!
The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain!


This was a high jump, over the range of missiles, 
over the range of anything hand held. 
Two minutes of free fall.

Slowly the earth grew larger, and suddenly he pierced the clouds, 
and they seemed to disappear. 
Moments later, he was threw them, tangles of vapor and compression behind him.
 He looked down and saw one softened rectangle below him, venting a contrail. 
He saw a string above him. 
One. Two. Three. Four.

For a moment his lung panicked under the cold, 
he had dry breathing heaves. 
He swallowed, and swallowed again, 
and swallowed again. 
The spasms subsided 
and he placed his hand calmly against the front of his vehicle. 
The slowing was hard now, and then it stopped. 
His body felt like it was still hurtling through space. But it wasn't.


traceroute -m 100 | awk '{if($2 !~ /net/&&$2 !~ /com/&& $2 !~ /gov/&&$2!~/[1-9]/) { gsub(/\./," ",$2); print $2}}'


JPT is long past having an instant realization that she could die, 
which if you think about it, is something that anyone could realize, 
at any time, with any level of circumstance. 
Ric realized it when his plane seemed destined to crash, 
but it doesn't take something so foreboding is that. 
You can have this realization in picking up a piece of meat that looks like your mother. That's why it's instantaneous,
 anything can trigger it. 
But JPT had a more radical breakdown,
 though the signs of it were there in her life. 
She grew up studying the brain because of her brothers brain,
 and though she doesn't talk about in this terms, 
it could be her,
 rather than her brother, 
which triggered an insight.