Saturday, February 14, 2015

Canto 25 - the kalevala


Then  reckless Lemminkainen    betakes  himself in to hiding
 from the Sebgy  farm   kids to the farmland like smoke.
 these are not my words    but the Kalevala's  translator
 which was compiled by  Elias Lonnrot  and translated
 by the unknown   Francis Peabody Maginn Junior.
 it is no tail but a tale    that misses  something that no
 translator reader will    know the difference of.
 it is the thing that    Homers Iliad has in spades,
 the aim on translatable    forms of life in the original
 which partake of something extraordinary   that the translator feels in his bones
 and translates willingly easily    with great aplomb  to is willing reader.
 there is something magical    something mystical how it labors
 that the reader will not see    but the translator will know is not
 there in the least sense of thereness   but is working to being
 by the translator himself and he excuses   that missing form he provides.
 but it rumbles through his insides   because he knows it isn't really in the words.
 just an image    just a thought.
At home the reckless Lemminkainen   awoke by his mighty might
 and wished he was somewhere else    thinking of all the things he used to do.
 it is hard for a nonexistent   figure to  to do this,  but it was possible
 in his mind    which is actually mine
 catch a star catches son    and break them in too many pieces
 and all you will have left    is broken pieces in your hand.


He spied looking glass   made as flash a woman.
 and wondered had her   looking glass kind which
 wishing that she would be   one and only is an gone
 then he looked into   her mouth which side a dozen  sides.
 and this is what he saw   those silently dripping as the tongue:
" a Fox's appetite leads him   to do what Fox's to
 a weasel flatters himself at heart   though  he will do the same,
 of girl's  declination to a husband's home    is but the same thing as a slave to master's
 what good can become of me    if by the fireside a slave companion keep?
 I,  berry,  to other plans    I,  chokeberry,  do weasels words,
 I,  whotleberry,  to offer other ways   I,   strawberry,  do wish them for
 every tree that me   every header bought cutting
 every birch that ruins me    every Aspen   which mortles  me.
 I was married off to husband's home    and slept with his mother in law,
 what a dirty business it was    they said when merry  the girl.
six for houses  for her use    twice as many rooms
 but she had to keep her place    along six by safety sheep
 if you can imagine such a thing    imagine it now and ever after hold your peace
 the sides of the ditches party fields    the sides of the heart of boat fields
 100 coins I acquired    another hundred two be salvaged
 their were six and 100 studs    seven posts
 the queries were full of mercilessness    the cops is so of lack of affection,
 blames of poor man's cares    and the words of my thoughts
 were both the same and     bins of stress hostility
 were like hundred bins    and another hundred to be  acquired."


 He paid no attention to all that   it was just a  a mermaid tail
 told with the world which was her    duly allotted life and then some.
 he thought to himself  " it is good that I am a man"
 and he murmured to himself   " what track I would if I were a woman."
 and so he got his wish    and turned into a woman
 brightly dressed and cummerbund    her waist gently sloping
 as opposed to pick and bright    he was she and  that was that
 and he chortled with marring   fencing that he felt and whispered.
"How could this be my little child     I was just a man when I laughed,
 and then a girl when I cried.    maybe that is the answer
 if I want to be a man    then I should be bright as negative."
 But try as he might and would     nothing would make him change back.
 though he hoped for affection    though he hoped for respect
 he instead bumped his noodle    and shifted his for head
 in the doorway where there are  strange eyes     at the back of very hostile ones,
 fire particles under the  mouth    firebrands under the tongue,  it's hot!
 the unloving tongue would   be fresh afraid, but he was still a girl.


 then the maidens of the  abode of the devil   to death domains with a good conscience
 in the abode of devil the fine is quite heavy    in death's  domain it is heavy and severe
 your mother brought you here    with his entire white self
 may many nights she slept with out sleep    many meals she broke off
 or one who forgets her mother     who disparages her mother
 deaths daughters will scold    with their advice so shrill
 as a woman was on the floor    line in the saunas floor
 a hunter of maple wood thresholds    even reconnoiter of the roads of the district
 she uttered these words   even as she remarked:


" what do you you see of me    bought a major by the rapid.
 Tokyo the God of heaven    some call Ukko  the which of content
 stead fast old Vainamoninnimo    which is not a name which anyone can pronounce
 and she says to me  " you recognize some of Lenpi   Bend over and see
 what vessel is struck on   the boat fast on"
 though I did not know what she meant   it was a good story on the less"
 and she was a he agreed    and almost forgot for a moment
 her who once was him    that her which she was in.
 eventually she reasoned with her bum    that the thing to do was just accept
 and her who wants was him   was simply her again.
 so she  changed her name    to something on pronounceable
 and stood a while in thought.
 there is no meaning to this    except to say,  that he who was she
 was happy now being her who was  was a her -  truly her instead.