Saturday, February 21, 2015

For Next Time... (Wagner)

1. Want is I - V - I? Why  is  it important?

2. Why is I - III - I  different from it?

3. Why does a German composer develop a  following among English speakers?

4. Why does 'musical drama'  mean something other than Opera  in the late 19th century?

5. Why does a composer mean so much to writers?  And especially writers in another language?

For Next Time ... (Databases)

1. Why are there many infinities? Why not one?

2. Why not get a Get a computer to answer any question put to?

3. Surely with all the firepower of modern computers,  either  they should be able to answer,  or at least be close to answering any question.

4. What's the difference between  finite and infinite anyway?

5. Why do we need an architect anyway?

6.  Who was Cantor?  Godel?  Turing?  And why do we have to know about this anyway? Can we get back to doing our hair or shooting a basket instead?  I mean I could look at a on Wikipedia if I really needed,  can't I?

7. Why haven't I heard about Codd  and Date? ( )