Monday, February 23, 2015

Shaula Evan: the sci-fi and fantasy diversity Gap

Canto 2X - Laura (Petrarch)


 to Pandulfo Malatesta,  Lord of Rimini

Lo Aspect of virto,  which in you flowered
 when love commenced  daring battle,
 produces more fruit which flowed assured
 with which my hope  papered arrives.

-                             one chart assembled
 because of the sound of vivid names impassible
 which in part seems intangible

 credit Caesar or Marcellu
 or Paulus  or Africus   fashioned -
 including games or  martial games

Pandulfo  mind such hopeless is frail
 not long  to endore,  maligned  studio is source,
 which fine paper famed gives humans immortality.


Vicious  Hannibal!  but separate use  potted
 benefit of victories adventure
 therefore, signore mio,  carry

Ursa,  rapid  for Orsini  which were slain,
 who in trouble may gain acerbic pastor,
Rode sedentro,  her Don and  hunger endure
 for vindication screams he soprano noise

 meanwhile he knew dolor  like dimemed L'accora
 to not repost with honored blade
 and so sequite  seek  like Dove chase

 newer fortune:  direct and straight
 that virtu  dares even double death a new
 and mile  after mile at more to honor and to fame.


Alas,  being sought by undying predator
 denying in turn every human  pardon
 and rabidly makes us abandon
 the world and pics are time to  fame.

 every moment languished passing comes merciless
 oratv that ultimate day in my core thunders
 such iniquity,  love never means not sparing me
 how which usual tribute open eyes now shades.

 so come days,  come moments and hours,
  that portend going years never received again
 means force  assailing  more great than arts magical.

 lost viciousness and reason combat again
 seven and seven anniversaries either may lose,
 should signs that guide dane to presage.


 Caesar, when Ptolomy,  that trader Egyptian.
 lifted boldly an  on honour  head,
 concerned all gratitude manifest and
 pain played with faking eyes as chronilis  enscribed.

 And Hannibal when  Imperious affliction of
 vindictive fortune molested
 rise from lamenting gentles and made to
 put forth a fog of laughter, shredding acerbic despition.

 At cause every soul obscures,
 such passions should contain mantle
 reciprocal as vista blunt.

 Therefore all  I volta,  I ride,  I sing,
 forgive me because I know without question,
 I celebrate my anguished pain.


 which demonstrates on Sun to view
 which at her pleasure,  and the alternate  at noon,
 and windows that there frigid sounds,
 the brief days which Boreas fines  it.

 and on the stem over there pensively seeded.
 Madonna sustains and seeks reason
 with what lovely ...


 Laura celestial, which calls verdant  laurel.
 spiring,  when love fired flanking Apollo
 and on me possesses a sweet gamely collar
 that my liberty card early  restores.

 Medusa when to flint  the was transformed
 the sun surpassed not  Amber and all auric.

 Demitasse of locke of blended and crisp lash,
 which sauve legate  my heart strings
 allows which humility and no alternation arms.

 hombre shade strikes my core to glacier
 and blanches panic to my visage tinged
 but given her eyes the power to make it marble.


 Laura soft beneath son spreads and vibrates
 all or which love manually filled and try.


 my benign fortune and light,
 tranquil nights
 solved such aspirations and style
 which should resonate in verse and rhyme.
 suddenly turn to be and pining
 odious and mortalibe
 crude acerbic inexorable mortality,



 Laura which bear the plural and all auric hair
 softly but as suspicion moving
 animates away.


 Laura my sacred my  stains repose
 yet  suspiration  is ardent.


 specialists desire its wings spread
 and goes lately


 so lavished is my need desire
 it flees
 and lashes my
which  loves persuasive nature hits rested

 he remains my signature and Lord
      which death transports
  solely the Laurel and is captured
 acerbic fruit which pains
 gusto afflects  and conference

         sits under verdant Laurels
 viewed more bleached and more frigid than snow

           belle visage  and curls
 makes it can see such to die on with my orbs
 and ever shall hold should be on pond or river

 which finds verdance  not remaining  on Laurels
 when having quiet core remains on my orbs
           attendance annual

 maybe the time and  fleeing


 no sooner Paramore of Diana  piqued
 when perchance he ventured nude,
 he viewed her in the midst of glacial waters

 such  the perfection and
 post a veil and as lovely as a will
 called Laura like the wind hit from blonde From chill

 that she made me, eager as ardent sky,
 turning trembling with amorous gail


Erin heard here of Or,  and aura spiritual
 which miles of sweet knots glowing as
 a vision luminous measurementless,  ardent
 than well gilded eyelashes when measured scarce.

 a vision of  pity's color formed.
 by no not to or falsely, appending
 so escalated and amorousity  in my chest,
 what mall is it that I,  combusted as my arson?

 nor era land made such casing mordant
 but in angelic forms and they so perfectly
 sound she issues more pure than boys of humans.

 a spirit celestial,  a vibrant sun,
 which I viewed as forms a mended
 paying as  unrelenting as arc of an  arrow.


 go now on gentle traded floors
 which barely note the passing of thine the
 even though there missed,  even though they rise in aching

 Solomon is not your silence
 instead on a shining mirth


 oh Ardent virtu  ornate and scalding
 ah gentle who
  oh so about
 tower  planted valorous  of []
 low flame oh Rose Spurs on such suite full
 of vivid snow in which
 a pleasure on visage  I go
 to the your name if rhymes in tense
 find such languages Thule and Batto.

 the Don  and the Nile, Atlantic Olympus and Calliope
 which a pending parts and more surrendering  Alps.


 no cause belle  as sun's gay leaving
 as when celetia
 new view  celestial are
 open ear in colors touched various

 in quality of flaming transformation
 now pressing has  amours   incarnations.


 what ever animal abides on earth
 seated under  recordint Laura
 whatever animal upon on earth

 seeded valor burden or a these


Real Nature Angelic intellect
     prompt visions
 president to the  velocity
 and dignity

 send the lady
 to adorn the festival and perfection


 should principle respond to finish and middle
 of this 14th year of his suspirations
 such increases sent by my ardent desire
 Amore with me that governs,
 for death oppresses as the vibrant soujour flees.


 love with promises alluring
 the recounted me to the prison antique
 and the air gave  the key to my nemesis
 such again from  myself I am  banished

 now however avid alas
 fall in their force a great frantic[]
 when you see my color accordingly
 say: " should I ...."


" eyes pine  accompanying the core"
 which fell mortally sustained
             and not converse
 and alternate error
 prime entrance of love.


 and shall love day in and day out
 sweet location when planning returns -  love.