Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Canto 29 - Qian Zhongshu



To a smile  discovered,  and  line that was untrue,
 from a mission  that was misspoken,  to an error that was blue,
 from a place that was  ungovernable,  to a land that was clear,
 it was a place it was a time that clearly had been misspoken
 and buying misspoken it was true.

 I am famous for a trifle,   the creamy center
 from a warm summer night,  which has as its center,
 a quipe  from Francais  about
how everyone who was in  wanted out,
 and everyone who was out wanted in.
 though it was talking about marriage,
 anything would do.

 Their are three parts,  a ship,  a train,  and then
 dissolution as everyone knew that he hadn't really
 gotten a degree in France or the United Kingdom.
 Fortress Besieged indeed!

 Over the Red Sea,  and under the Indian Ocean,
 from the last 10 day period of the month,
 it seems like a terrible year in a cabin under the deck
 he went in to exile with the Jews and the Indians,
 as if to play cards and to chase after women,
 though the Hong Kong women had departed,
 and they were the best,  because even the fiancés
 had a sort of hither to expression.

 But hometown  was the best to managing  a mate,
  but you had to get her away from the manager,
 and speak to her of love,  saying you'd called off your engagement,
 because of the father in law,
 you'd expressed condolences and sympathy,
 as any good son in law would,
 pretending you studied philosophy and foreign currency
 because in that time Europe was a strange place,
 and London was the place to go,
 but Paris and Berlin,  by degrees, attracted
 foreign investment  studying with high sending
 but nonsensical Carlton investment schemes
 that thought by correspondence. it was a diaspora
 by any other name.

 The man who was supposedly the hero
 looked  sharp in his garb.
 he was intimate and clever
 but unconventional in lifestyle,
 and pretending that he was cold,
 since he left Saigon pretending to be a relative
 of the girl,
 though he sounded have footsteps in the night
 to calm her suspicions.

 He offered to use a franc,
 to Palm her hairpin,  it was the style  in France,
 and she was deceived,  while behind her back
 he noticed she was dressed up,
 and he wanted to accompany her.

 It didn't mean anything that Hitler was in power,
 he didn't matter that Vietnam was under the old name,
 the Qing  Dynasty had fallen,
 though it's manners had been set,
 because they were not formally married,
 and they said that they were informerly married,
 by which they meant they were screwing each other.

 And what else is there to marriage?'


 Came down to the clock
 chiming away the minutes and seconds
 until there was no woman
 to catch his fancy.
 just chiming and  rhyming
 of the clock.
 chime chime chime
 13 times