Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Canto 2Z - Wallace Stevens


He pauses, and then begins again,
rushing for the present and but a line through it
as it to say that there is a pause,
that he stops over a moment thus to pre-consider
is if there is something in that moment some
that he wishes us to reflect upon
before the moment captures thus
and then perchance to dream
to sleep.


If it stops and joins within
this time that was never was
realize it was most ascended
when every hour had stopped.

It paused as if it would
crinkling over every pass
without a pause to anoint each victory
because what is victory without a cynosure,
a pause he was death by trying
to ease a bit around the edges.


A delightful felicitous eve
Herr Doktor, and that is enough
though Amie would be better
it sounds more felicitous.

Though Aix on Stockholm was bitter breath
of vibrancy that would not make principally
this way and that

because each syllable that was created
in sound and stand of to be misled
transparently connected

to whatever sound it has
to whatever sound it accomplishes
a grotto in the mist,
stands quietly as a Cyclops
estranged by tender godolphin,
its brightness burned the way good solace
adorned with generations
the mast of thousand pardons to us all,

Farewell to an idea, a cabin stands
forlorn and forgotten reminding
all of us to return
a mothers face
the purpose of the poem fills the room
and they wait for dinner brunch and other things
less to be forgotten


A geranium withers on the window sill
and I have not gotten that a transformation
stands alone into the darkness,
etching every miraculous multiplex
the essential complex of the poem,
a compositional inerrant order
that yet alone seeths with anger
that an altitude here restored
a meditation of a principal.
A beneficiary, a repose but most propose.


In space and the self that touched them
formation microsize, as is its want
a deliberation which composed of death
is the same principle of shither-shade
that reveals and reviles the pragmatist burned
and tell its dust.

The pensive man sees that Eagle flood,
for which the intricate Alps our a single nest.


Book around brand name brand bird as you rise to fly
think away grounds of zither quailing
attend not.

This is where the serpent lives, the botanists
his head is air beneath that tip that night
eyes open and fixed upon every sky

or is this another wriggling out of the egg
another imagine at the end of the cave
under the bodiless for the bodies slough?

This is the form golfing after formlessness,
appoints a man in music, say, today,
which the priests desires. Which the philosopher desires.

And all it is madness muses grow mad
with monastic man myosotis
being for vernal and stale of moonlight, amidst shabby sleep.

A primitive like orb, the cuckoo's flaw dewily
the arias that lords asunder along this clandestine,

he ultimate elegance the imagine lands.