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The Sorcerer's Apprentice: Unquenchable Fire (Excerpt)
The Sorcerer's Apprentice: Red Zone (Excerpt)
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The Lion, The Witch and CS Lewis (Excerpt)
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Short Short Stories
Put the Record On

In The Middle
Clockwork Cosmos - III The Warren of Undercurrent
Terran Norm (with Ian Welsh  harass him if you want it done)

Far Sea


I may get to one called "Power"  and one called "Responsibility" in due course.

“ I know it is creeping on to late spring. Everything cries to having your body outside, rather than inside in this institution, even though name is lauded by everyone. But here in this room, you would rather sacrifice some of the glimmer of glamour – to be outside in the waning minutes of day. I who have seen more of these minutes, however, would like to take a few of those minutes – though I know that most of you will only barely forgive me – to tell you a story about a young man – younger then some of you here – trying to find out why what should happen in Washington, does not seem to get done. In my early years, before I had these wrinkles in my face – though I know most of you will not say that there anything but distinguished – and I was supping, oh that English word, with an young friend of mine who died recently from what could delicately be called one of the viruses which you would mention in old company.”

“We had settled down and were talking – much the way I am talking to you, though your not talking to me – and he was telling me about a story that he heard drop out of the mouth of his Member – with a capital 'M' – before the M had departed for a quick vacation on the islands. He was not doing this to make a fuss mind you, it was just a story out of many others, that went back and forth between us. Since we did not really have stories to tell, most of them were of this kind of second hand knowledge, which I am giving to you thirdhand. In a few cases, you will relate them and sooner or later they will become folk wisdom, from a time where you will know something about, but your audience will not. Believe me when I say you will have wrapped attention, by people who will not do more then see anybody who has any sort of capital letter - other than Doctor or PhD – attached to some gobbledygook of letters. And yes, by saying gobbledygook, you are placing this story in a particular time.”

“So listen closely, because you will have some notion – and your predecessors will at least have a name, a name which will just barely have a residence to your descendents. And trust me they will eat up every word, as meticulously as they would eat up words by Schlesinger – whose hem I touched - or the name of the author which escapes me – you know the one, he first came to prominence with the Best and the Brightest, and then with the Powers That Be. He is a figure noted in passing in this story as well. What is it – oh yes, Halberstam. Thank you. Which reminds me, always look for the number of months that the author has on the New York Times bestseller list, and if the number is less than three, discounted as something that the publisher went out and bought. Because it is bought, and if you know the ins-and-outs of publishing, you know the current list that will do this for you.”

“Ah, for the days when closeted gay actors pretended to be straight, as opposed to openly heterosexual men clamoring to play a gay couple. Think about how fast that went through – from one minute where the actor on Fraser's Keeping mum and Sulu swearing he was straight – to at least one of the actors on a hip television show being straight in real life, but playing different on TV.”


It was an early evening in August, and Washington DC was, as some people call it, “in recess”, that time when any one who is important makes their absence known to people who are unimportant. Which means that the two young men were, by definition, unimportant. But that meant that the unimportant people could network with each other, because when two decades had passed, they were going to be commiserating about how thus-and-so lost a son, and Wenceslaus was dating again, and who-and-what-is is dating on the down low. In other words, these were the times when stories got started and boiler plated into legend. For example, you would not believe which vice President had a plug. And no one in his right mind would say anything about it. It was just not done until he was dead, then it is a free-for-all to get it published.Washington DC is that kind of town, where as New York City is a City. Nods and pluses for capitalizing the “C”.

He began dryly, which was a marker for he liked to put it in rather than take it – though most of you would not recognize it if you heard it on a busy street out there in Cambridgeland – and begin to enunciate all of the words as my own uncle did. You may presume that my uncle was also in this way.

“So just before my MoC was going out to the islands,” note not the Cape and the Islands, though he went for the relaxation of not having to pretend he was straight while getting some on the side “I wanted to relate something which has two remain secret.” - and not went up from everyone that they would keep this a secret.” he came from a state which had two openly gay men, as opposed to the other side which kept their men “indisposed” - that being the way that their party like things to be, even though we on the inside sniggered at every double entendre. If you were gay and on our side of the ledger, get ready to out yourself, or you would be added and then dropped on your next election. Even if it meant we would lose the seat, that was from the top - “ all right then, here is the deal from the bottom half of the deck. None of these actors are me, by the way, just in case you want to know.”


It was chilly in the late fall morning, though “chilly” was a euphemism, because in the South “chilly” was about 10° warmer than in the north. Inside the Green Room – that television concoction which really was not green at all – the candidate was preparing a brief case for his reelection. Down here there were not many congressional seats up for grabs, and his was not one of them. Even the primary is not contested, if it might be the member of Congress will stay in the seat, and resign after the primary when a group of prominent members of the selection committee will make the choice. Realize that was fine by the constituents, because a contested election was a sign of turbulence.There were rules down here in all you all country that did not apply 100% in the north. Though they tried hard to play the same game with slightly different rules.

In the game by Southern rules, a Member of Congress had a trusted personal assistant. If the assistant was the same sex, then no one would even speculate as to whether anything untoward would happen between. It just was not done. Even if it was obvious. Perhaps particularly so. This member of Congress, though he did not relish having to say so, was born in the north, and lived there up until he was the north side of 30. well actually just a hair less than 40, if the truth be told. But he was running for the district for 10 years before actually living in the district. Again, everything was open, just not written down in any easily available place. Anyway, the member of Congress personal assistant was brushing away any accumulated dirt, and at the same time burbling all of the events that the MoC would have to be acquainted with. And if there fingers entwined to close, well this was the South and no one, overtly, knew anything about it.

Then the personal assistant came to one last item: “Oh and there is a representative from one of the few unions which votes consistently on our side, and they would like to release from his government employment, apparently to run a race. Not that he is going to win that race, but the northern representative on the other side will have to kno' that where breathing down his neck.” before the representative could make a motion, the door opened and some third assistant director told the member of Congress personal assistant that there were only a couple of minutes to go. This was the South, and a “couple of minutes” was the way they talked around here at this time.

“Say again, what is it that I asked?” This of course was the member speaking.

“You need to just sign here and he will be able to run. Not that he is going to get it, and you need to hold his position open, because in a years time, he is going to return.”

“Ah – any conflicts that I need to know about?”

“Just one. He sided against one of your judicial appointees, and block the Senator from appointing him and appointed someone else.”

“Well, get someone on the phone, and will talk about it.”


“ No, I am not gay, but I hold my position to someone who is.  So that is how my member of Congress got his start, because the person on the development a relationship, and needed someone to take his place on the staff. And when he moved up in two the member of Congress, by the wicked fight that would eventually occur, he tapped my friend to fill his own role. In when my friend needed to move up, he came and approached me. What this is a lesson of is you never know where your next opportunity is coming from, because only later do you learn where all the nooks and crannies are later. Oh and by the way, remember that Arthur M. and Jr. are part of the name, I promised I would say that in the same whenever I genuflect his name.”

WW II pilot Eric Honeyman's remains brought home to B.C. after 70 years

A Quote from someone who does not quote back

Reem Bassiouney: It's true, now that you mention it, there is little romantic love in new books, but the characters are heavily symbolic and archetypal so the romantic relationships are not really relationships at all, they are more the interactions of individual egos with other egos around them. My characters are all deeply imperfect, which I feel stops the romances they have from feeling "romantic."

Horner Dies