Friday, June 26, 2015

Its time

to write a story on equal marriage.

3 classes - 2 of Relational DB and 1 Roleplay

1. 1.5 RDM at 11
2. 2 Roleplay at 1
3. 1.5 RDM at 3:30

 all on Sunday at MIT.

Now do Islamic ...

... worshipers  get four wives?  Some Christians may want that to disrupt same sex.  But there are other problems,  such as things that make it difficult to  marry  non- US citizens.  Yes, multiple wives is out there,  but it is not time for it yet.  Most of all because there is no verifiable system to reach back in to.  Thus  what needs to happen is a discussion of those within the group as to what they want done.

Same Sex Legal in 50 States

Now the next topic is removing barriers barriers that event US citizens from  marrying non-US citizens.  You did not think this would be over did you?

The Confederate flag is meant to represent states rights

Most particularly the right to keep slaves.  When southern states begin to have blacks and whites equal in terms of other measures,  then the Confederate flag will have  other meanings that people who are not part of the South will recognize. I say this as someone named "Sterling"  when the name in Scotland was "Stirling",  and my family changed it to remind people of the Confederate general.  I am only one generation removed from Missouri.  Get rid of the slave owner,  and  Confederate flags will have meaning. Because there actually are states rights which do not   derive  meaning from our peculiar institution.  But that time is not now.

We who are sons and daughters of the South can change this.

( and I do not mean St. Louis as part of the Confederacy,  I mean Drury College. "40 acres of Christian atmosphere, and 1 acre of parking across the way.")

Attack on Tunisia Hotel kills 37

Tunisia hotel attacks kill at least 27, mostly tourists

 Nothing to see here,  just risk taking tourists getting shot up.

The Islamic fundamentalists know that they have to kill a number of people so that the Western ( Read US)  will drop bombs on people not responsible for the carnage.  All of the people who did this have been cleared out by the time the bombers get in.  Oh and do you note how drones are not fashionable anymore?  There is a reason for this. Win for  the Islamic fundamentalists,  and the war machine.   Tourists and civilians,  they could do better shoveling rocks.

Death toll is 39 .Tunisia attack on Sousse beach 'kills 39' - BBC News

Comment on Ian's Blog

Except it is not that easy… Because there are other forces applying to both the acceptable wages and the reason for introducing outside labor competition. We can see both of these in the Uber debacle.
First of all let us take the acceptable wages. We do not really like to think about this, but it is rather important: the ability of the state to organize a draft. It is not without reason that conservative economists wanted a volunteer army. This made it so that one of the largest pressures on the availability of young men – the people doing the dying – was suddenly not involved. When enough pressures were taken away, the conservative economist then said that there was no reason to bend to the will of the “leaderless thugs”. in other words, you would think that I would be all in favor of the Uber idea except…
There is the second prong of the union argument: the management does not take any responsibility for the labor that they are supplying. Basically, the willing participant, is set up to fail. This is an a normal ride, but the cheapest ride available, which is to say, awful. The problem here is that yes there are available good rides that are really cheap – very very occasionally – the rest of the time they are out numbered by supply being the greater then demand. For example getting to the airport. The chances are that there is no way your going to get a ride unless you work for it very hard, and for a long time. Which is to say, a person who primes their mobile rides will get every time a ride, and everybody else has to pay dearly. And how dearly is seen in the violence. Violence remember is the acceptable road when one person in the supply is basically not going to be in the supply except rarely, but there are enough people who will be passing through. there is a market for “Can you take me, it is just out of your way” but that is not the market that Uber is tapping. These are not nice people offering other nice people rides – the right sharing is below that which anyone would want to participate in, which you can see by who is offering rides: just check the person behind the meter.
In other words, there is a supply and demand feature which we cannot ordinarily get aligned with the demand mechanism which is available. Uber does not do anything to solve this problem, it merely wants to curtail any sort of violence on the professional wage earner. Which is not acceptable – because the person paying for the violence is the person who wants to get to where there going – not the management. the management basically sticks up a sign. the reality of this market is that if the management were in the position of supply, and it could tap into the ” you are going where I am going” market, Uber would be wonderful. but that is in no way what over is doing.
There is a market out there to be tapped, and Uber is doing nothing about it. Nor are they set up to do anything about it. is an excellent starting point for someone to look into the high cost of low wages, in this case Costco vs. Sam’s Club.