Monday, June 29, 2015


Compare to Greek Debt

US blocks ...

US Supreme Court blocks new toxic pollution changes - BBC News

This is payback. We need to go back to work.

Just in case you forgot we had a right wing SC

Here we go...

US gay marriage: Texas pushes back against ruling - BBC News

We knew this was coming, but it is almost over.

Uber managers arrested

Once in while

my email box prevent me from  committing suicide,  I received one  prose from  a good friend and one on from someone who disdains me,  and for a little while life is good and.

FCC to start work on broadband privacy in fall

Would really love to hear some commentary on this


The commission received expanded authority over customer privacy under new net neutrality rules...

Books Comparing the Civil War and the Crimean war


Cohoes Falls, Cohoes, NY     In Oil   10/01/2008

Angry Ocean   Sea Girt, NJ  03/25/2011

Cohoes Falls  Cohoes, NY 1/09/2009
Schoharie Creek,  Schoharie, NY  In Water Colour
In the next couple of weeks I will be posting several series of photographs. These Photographs are a culmination of the last fifteen years of my life.    Enjoy
Grand Central Station 4 30 2003 10 41 Pm

Greek debt deal

Greece debt crisis: Live Coverage - BBC News

Now is the moment for last minute deals.


Why we engage in pederasty

We do it to Absorb change humans,  too much would be too  findable.  It has to be rare,  but not so rare as to  unfindable.  Thus  we would breed   a few   spandrels to pick up few genes.  Since we have other ways of doing this now,  The pederast gene is not necessary,  but was in the past.  current possesses of this gene should not breed,  but it is  not the fault of the possessor -  they need to be trained to not use this gene.  Therefore,  what we need to find these genes,  so that they can be identified.
Programmed to be Fat? - The Nature of Things - CBC-TV

I am guess that it is  man made chemicals -  or at  man used chemicals -  that are somewhere at the base of it.  basically,  we are becoming that in certain countries the same way that prisoners become fat.