Thursday, July 9, 2015

The New Yorker: Berrnie Sander's

Roy C. Bennett Dies


Did Neanderthals have disease

As part of the  die off?

North and South

                                          Dock in the Mist  Loon Lake Chestertown, NY
                                         Morning Reflection  Loon Lake Chestertown,  NY                                         

Rensselaerville Falls, Rensselaerville, NY

                                          Stone Arch and Turret  Ocean Rd Point Judith RI
Ausable River Falls Ausable Chasm,  Ausable, NY

Well this certianly puts a damper on things

Cutting Jobs, Microsoft Turns Page on Nokia Deal


New Horizons snaps Pluto from eight million km - BBC News

We are seeing this for the first time.

Does Uber Know I do not like to see emails from a crime syndicate?

Does Google know that I do not like receiving emails from a crime syndicate?

 HTTP://   it is not just for law abiding anymore.

I have 3 vignettes of to Harvard bookstore ( not related to the University)

 to on China and one on the road called New York State #5.  I do not think they will be accepted,  but that will be good for the readers of this blog,  because you will see them if they are ( rejected).

Harvard Book Store

Funny how this did not come up in her recent PBS interview

Baltimore mayor sacks police chief months after riots - BBC News

 but she was  frowning all time she was on,  because she knew she had to keep this a secret.

in the meanwhile be latest dope on the ex-mayor of Toronto

Rob Ford skirts law by using HOV lanes while driving alone - Toronto - CBC News

 this alone is worth learning for anyone else but the  Tories.

Even South Carolina realizes it is time to take Der Flag down

Even The Beep realizes that China is important

Fear China's stock-market earthquake - BBC News

 is this the point where they try a cover and realize that China not Greece is the important story of the week?

China stock market surges in volatile session - BBC News

 what they have done is told all large investors to suck it up and take losses.  someone should introduce a tune  meaning each day of the week for ' black'  on which day  a particular mark crashed.