Friday, July 10, 2015

Greek MPs Back Austerity

Ian gets noticed at Daily Kos

Sharif - a view from the left coast

Read Set A Watchman - and other things



Chicopee River  Wilbraham, MA

Heldeburg Escarpment John Boyd Thatcher State Park  Voorheesville, NY
Ice Field North Hudson River, Warren County, NY Oil

North Hudson River, Warren County, NY

Fredic Remington's The Broncho Buster  Bronze  Kansas City Missouri

Boo is Back

James Tate

James Tate, 1943–2015

As BLKGRD  says "There are no links. He was a poet. If he was a drunken quarterback celebrated for brazen cheating for the Oakland Raiders in the 1970s the New York Times would have a lavish obit in the can awaiting his death. There will be a few links, eventually, maybe. "

Omar Sharif Dies

Australia offers to live in on front benches

Greek plans through

I warned over this in the early 1980s

Global warming is the cause of bumblebee decline: study - Home | As It Happens | CBC Radio

 I was 13.  I was extraordinarily bright.  I was also correct.

Bulgaria turns away from Russia for MiG

Oil prices could fall

Recession fears in Canada

The Fat Lady Sins