Saturday, July 11, 2015

Untitled 2.11.2004

Untitled 2.11.2004

The Noblest of men.
Doing noble deeds.
I sit here in judgment of my self.
Wondering what is the price
that I must pay for my folly.

I See nothing but pain and contempt
for all that was once considered beautiful.
The places and things that once held magic
are now nothing but a useless crutch.
I, now in this season of winter, have I
become as contemptuous as those
who leave their foul stench on the soul
of humanity.

Do I not lust for all worldly things
but feel the weariness of the world.
Bearing its yoke upon my shoulders.
Do I not yearn to walk in the light but
crave the solace of darkness.

All who look into the depth of my heart
see only light and goodness.
I have battled the demons that taunt my mortal soul.
I bear the scars of combat
from a war that was never meant to be fought.
The darkness that has touched my spirit
has never left.
It lies dormant, like a festering sickness,
waiting for an entrance.
A weak moment.
It knows no peace, only the narrow vein
that it draws its existence from

It is now a quest to the finish
A duel that begins and ends
in the same place.
Following the path of the sun.

Doing noble deeds.
The Noblest of men.
Wondering what is the price
that I must pay for my folly.
I sit here in judgment of my self.

                                        D.Casabonne(C)2.11.2004 All Rights Reserved

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