Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Evening Hits - 14 July

Winter Quiet, Ausable Gorge, Waterford Canal, Indian Ladder & Stream

Winter Quiet  Loon Lake     Chestertown , NY
Ausable Gorge  Ausable Chasm Ausable NY
Waterford Canal, Waterford NY 
Indian Ladder Waterfall Heldeburgh Escarpment John Boyd Thatcher State Park
                                            Stream under Route 5S  Patersonville, NY

Late Afternoon Hits

Mid-afternoon Roundup - 14th of July

Views on a dystopian society....... Are we already there, or is there still hope?




Almost Done with my Gödel-Turing-Nash paper

 but not quite,  there are some holes left to fill,  especially in the Nash equilibrium.

New particle

New York laughs at Seattle

FK the moral oblibque

The other shoe drops

Austerity is a feminist issue

Morning Hits - 14 July

Atomic Deal Reached

Wee Hours of the Day...

Greece: Selling off the silver - BBC News
Revenue Canada writes off billions in debt in last 2 years - Politics - CBC News
Greece crisis: PM Alexis Tsipras faces fierce dissent on bailout deal - Business - CBC News
Teenage girl survives plane crash in Washington state and walks for days to safety
Iraq conflict leaves nearly 15,000 civilians dead over last 16 months
Greece’s rescue package: utter humiliation or disaster averted? | The panel | Comment is free | The Guardian Utter humiliation.
En Grèce, le jour d’après : instabilité politique et premiers remboursements
How young Chinese are coming out to their parents - BBC News
Greece deal lifts most Asian markets
Leading Zimbabwe writer Hove dies
JK Rowling's Harry Potter spin-off film seeks young star - BBC News
There’s no way you’re leaving this room until we all agree | The Times
Cameron vows to close the pay gap for women | The Times
Janet Yellen’s Fed Flounders in Political Arena - WSJ
Plan to Sell New York City Opera’s Name Is Withdrawn - WSJ
Pluto to Get a Close-Up After a Spacecraft’s 3-Billion-Mile Journey - The New York Times