Friday, July 17, 2015

A link on the Greek Revolt


To answer your question, the violence is quiet.

Evening Hits 17 July

My Mother Called to Ask How Much to Tip on a Haircut...
Bolivian football chief arrested in corruption probe - BBC News
Brazil’s Turmoil Deepens as Ruling Party Sees Division
In Ukraine City, a Duo’s Odd Experiments Win a Niche
Samsung Fight Exposes Tension Over Activist Investors
Shooter blogged about living in a ‘prison’ of monotony
Rampell: Uber’s hypocrisy and arrogance
Loonie falls below 77 cents for first time since 2009 read 790 comments
Gorillaz to start work on new album 7.30 Blur frontman Damon Albarn is about to start recording a new album for his side project, Gorillaz.
Désavoué par une partie de son camp, Tsipras est contraint au remaniement
La gauche anglaise rattrapée par les sirènes du «Brexit»
En France, l'antigermanisme fait des émules
Faites repartir vos iris du bon pied
Los escándalos de corrupción paralizan la política brasileña
Los países de Mercosur aprueban la entrada de Bolivia
Texas Won’t Give Birth Certificates to Children of Undocumented Women | The Agonist

The Risk

Iraq in Turmoil

Watch every Archbald Prize

Police in Australia ask for a new addition of "American Psycho" Kept In its cage

End of Ramadan

A Mid Summers Day

                                    Day Lilies                                      Webster, MA                                      

Empire State Plaza                             Albany, NY

AutumnWater Tributary off of the Hudson River  Riparius, NY in Water Colour

 Heldeburgh Escarpment John Boyd Thatcher State Park  Voorheesville, NY 

                                   Twin Arches Bridge over the Mohawk River   Albany, NY

A "revelatory" Daphne

Catch tomorrow's performance as well as Catch The Cleveland Orchestra tonight

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Inc.
70 Lincoln Center Plaza
New York, NY 10023 

Charles Proteus Steinmetz

People die by cheating on tests?

May Day

Pot Dreams

A Bag of Dirt

Break up the huge banks

US gas prices shoot up

Black women have lives that matter

New Yorker: New Mexico Nuclear Summer

Paris review: writing about the dead

Did Greece surrender?

Man made divides

there is no terrorism I tell you

More Pluto Pict

Ex-Congressman jailed for tax evasion

Indian Work Get $20m

Scuffles in Rome


Greek forest fires

More Noon Hits 17 July

A dwarf caught in the act

Noon Hits 17 July

Military vehicles of the Southern Resistance fighters move during clashes with Houthi fighters on a street in Yemen’s southern port city of Aden on Friday. Photograph: Reuters.Exiled Yemen government says city of Aden ‘liberated’
Judge rules man with locked-in syndrome to receive €10m
Griechenland: Europa ist zur Transferunion geworden | ZEIT ONLINE

Angela Merkel: Politiker machen Flüchtlingskind Reem Hoffnung | ZEIT ONLIN
‘Amy’, mito y naufragio
La fiscalía brasileña investigará a Lula por tráfico de influencias
Crise grecque : Washington a joué un rôle actif dans les négociations
La gauche radicale déchante sur le cas Tsipras
Sugar intake 'should be halved'
Spam email levels at 12-year low Spam and Sugar down
Six killed as clashes erupt in Egypt
Psychological tests for Europe pilots
Japan Scraps Olympic Stadium Plan Over Price Tag Its is the same story.
Greece should turn to China to break debt spiral, economist John Perkins says - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Wirtschaft, Griechenland, Europa, Europäische Union, Griechenland, Euro, Jugendarbeitslosigkeit, Privatisierung, Rezession, Staatsdefizit, Tourismusbranche, Brüssel

Citi posts highest profit since financial crisis, shares rise

huge pipeline spill

Germany appears to approve Greek deal

My Morning Song

Clear Night January Snow

Clear night.
Star filled skies.
Against an ebon curtain.
The full yellow moon.
Hanging in the sky.
Like a bright lantern.
Cold wind.
That feels of winter.
Rustling leaves.
Raising spirits.
Chilling the soul.
The mountains
In the shadow of the moon.
Rising like spires.
From mother earth.
towards the heavens.

January snow falls.
Softly like silk.
On a newly washed Body.
A soft shimmering sheen.
Against the dull Grey.
Of winters deep slumber.
Touched by.
The warmth of the sun.
Beads of pearl.
Returning to.
The dull Grey.
Of winters deep slumber.

D.Casabonne (C)1.20.02 All Rights Reserved

Rain Falls

Rain Falls like a snowy mist.
Cool and calming.
Like dew on sweet
fragrant summer grass.
Rivulets of water
making small rivers.
Flowing to an end.
Feeding life
to all things.

Listen to the rain fall.
Each drop making
its own distinct sound.
Washing away all of
the sorrow in the trees.
Every drop making pure
what has faded to dust.

See the rain
through the eyes
of a child.
Clean and new.
Like a clean blanket of snow.
On the bough of a tree.

Like dew on sweet
fragrant summer grass.
Cool and calming.
Rain falls like a snowy mist.

D.Casabonne (C) 6.13.2003 All Rights Reserved


Morning Hits - 17 JUL

Arabic Lit in English

Arabic Literature (in English):

The University of Arkansas Press together with the Radius of Arab American Writers (RAWI) is accepting submissions for the Etel Adnan Poetry Series and will award a $1,000 Etel Adnan Poetry Prize to a first or second book of poetry, in English, by a writer of Arab heritage:
The series will be edited by award-winning Arab poets Hayan Charara and Fady Joudah. 

Midnight Hits 17 July

 A Chattanooga Police officer walks past the bullet-riddled front door of a military recruiting office after a deadly shooting in Chattanooga, Tenn. (Erik S. Lesser / European Pressphoto Agency)
'Massive leap' wins engineering award - BBC News
Silicon Valley struggles to hack its diversity problem
The Art of Changing a City
Front brings coldest weather for decades to eastern states
The Square Kilometre Array Device will be able to peer back into the 'dark ages' of the universe
États-Unis : une fusillade sur des sites militaires fait cinq morts
La Défense préoccupée par les menaces de radicalisation dans les armées
27 ISIS elements killed in al-Karma, says Baghdad Operations
Muqtada al-Sadr demands Obama to apologize for Abadi
The first round of coalition talks has clearly shown the Republican People’s Party (CHP) was eager to join the ruling AKP in a coalition government, while the two other opposition parties, the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) and the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), have voiced their reluctance.
No-bid practice for funding school projects found illegal - San Francisco Chronicle
Homeowners’ temporary tax reductions going away
Suit claims Seattle garbage-collection checks violate privacy Updated 6:55 pm
The New Yorker earthquake article unleashes tsunami of social media: 8 takeaways |
Gov. Brown signs bill closing loophole in sexual assault law
State issues first action to enforce a water rights curtailment
High court: Washington farmworkers entitled to break pay
Government rejects trade union call to curtail tax cuts Dublin
Independence is not a threat to you, SNP to tell rest of UK in major charm offensive (From Herald Scotland)