Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Second Greek Vote

Can we write Bach's music as Functions?

Ragtime Author EL Doctorow dies at 84 BBC NEWS


Libya by Ship

ISIS singles out Iraq

In fact He Not Left At All

LT calls War in the Labour Party

Video Loosers

Bikel Dies


Uber is Lean Right

Sea level unavoidable says James Hansen

SF switching to diesel

Off the record

The Way We Worked

Flaws in Medicare, report suggests

Pope links climate change to human trafficking

Pope links climate change to human trafficking and urges UN to take lead | Environment | The Guardian

It seems that a new generation has occurred with this pope,  he is not the same as the  one who came before.

Equal marriage denied by Italy

Texas Probe Urged

According to the SNP it is the real opposition

Night and Day

Ausable Gorge  Ausable Chasm Ausable NY

Downtown Kansas City Missouri at Night

Fredic Remington's The Broncho Buster  Bronze  Behind Fountain Kansas City  

Narragansett                     Rhode Island

                                   43rd and 7th Ave                    New York, New York

Nix and Hydra

Microsoft patches critical Windows bug - number 6049 and change

afternoon Hits 21 Jul

Righ Wing Candidate Sneaks to Victory in Buenos Aires

Peace process in last phase?

The ministry of the sleepy village is solved

even the defense department of France admits it is dangerous

Govt makes solutions say the French

Only three?


Because they aren't...

The shine back to Buffalo?

anonymous takes on ISIS

PR: in which Mark Twain aspires

The plot that was due to their

1,000,000 miles away

Wayne Carson dies

Lydia Lunch still going strong


Hedwig on trial

Poor sleeping patterns linked to cancer

Stockholm Mayor: 0 FF U

Turkey massacre suspect identified

Morn Hits 21 JUL

Braving the ghosts of Delhi's 'most haunted house'
Death in paradise The beautiful creatures with a deadly streak
Home alone What is driving Egyptian girls to move away from their parents?
Republican criticism not so vigorious when John Kerry's war record was slurred
Top editors quit in protest over removal of a controversial post
North Korea rejects Iran-style talks
Nasa's Dscovr satellite returns groundbreaking picture
Voting Starts in Burundi After Violent Night
ISIS Becoming Functioning State That Uses Terror as Tool
I believe I just said this
Democratic Party Machinery Shows Rust
Overtime Rules Send Bosses Scrambling
Then There Were 16: Kasich to Enter GOP Fray
If there's other life in the universe, why haven't we found it yet?
Labour is in ‘emotional trauma’ after vote rebellion
The party has shifted left
The Renzi Way | The Times
Frank Lloyd Wright and the zombie building boom

Dickens down under

Corruption Australian

Centre Right MP Found Dead

Remains of Nazi found in France

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