Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mass General to offer second opinions by telemedicine

Mass. hospital will use telemed to offer second opinions

BJ funds pollution control

North Korea won't dismantle atoms

East China

Soyuz lifts off for ISS

A Big Deal

NY avoids Uber curb

India shines light on the poor

Chinese Down Turn

Canada Loonie at 11 year low

Peru to make contact

Indian women to 2% of central forces but 40% of suicides

- The Times of India

This is rather mess,  why I do not link to Times of India


18 Clarkson Road                          Loon Lake Chestertown, NY

   House in the Valley               White School House Road Chestertown, NY

                               Loon Lake                                                        Chestertown, NY

Morning Reflection                      Loon Lake Chestertown, NY

     View of the Adirondacks           Top of Gore Mt  North Creek, NY

LT: Child abuse at the core of Thatcher's government

El Nino

Woman held as sex slave

NYT: Russia scientists fall silent

England should pay money to India?

DC on Min Wage Ballot

Better radar to Ukraine

What middle seat?

Berlin startups raise more money than London

It does not get plainer than this (WSJ)

journalist still held in Iran

Army officers in custody over 1986 attack

Feds: TX Teacher Preys On Teenage Girl

Bland revealed intimate details

Canada face budget shortfall

In search of Thomas Browne

Snowden Seeks Return

Plenty on Time for Promise (that are not kept)

New Athens

Paris Review - When thing go wrong

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Struggle to read the tea leaves

Rome degraded faith

Pay heed, the vote are restless

Pot while take time

Tech Lack of Diverity

China Crack Down

The Real Debt Crisis


Blair was Labour to be the Tories

To Lose So Much...

From Ismael Soumare 7/19

A Conversance

Fro an ephemeral innocence gainsaid,
Was its ailing patience-
To permissibly detest, however lone, its own- vernissage?

Which undue towards,
Was of an environ, a whisper’s sobriquet

Begs it?

If ever, an and then should discern its way

Amongst confines of randomness, rare
Wherever fathomed, since consonantly, discord -
To remoteness, bore no more than its tally’s arch

An end?

At the other,

Could’ve willed, unwell at my senses’ quintet
A resplendence, however at heed,
Resided indeed, ex falso quodlibet

[Ismael Soumare 07/19]

The Hot City

Nirvana - first look

NYT: Moneysaving in Spain

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In a Reddit post, a user claiming to be a McDonald's manager confirmed the existence of a secret menu. Keep clicking to take a look at other restaurants with secret menus. Photo: PAUL J. RICHARDS, Getty Images / 2009 AFPDonald Trump: Master of the demolition derby
Labor RET: 50 per cent by 2030 ABC News Labor is set to announce ambitious plans for a 50 per cent renewable energy target by 2030. More
'Oldest' Koran found in Birmingham
Telcos draw the line at latest Federal Government changes to national security laws - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
The long, strange tale of the Barry Bonds case
Housing development fee eyed to expand transit
Firefighters to drone operators: Stay out of our way
Fine detail emanates from Kensington midcentury
S.F. faces increasing pressure to clean up
FedEx orders 50 Boeing 767 freighter jets
U.S. decides against publicly blaming China for data hack
Five takeaways from the downtown Seattle boom
Ignatius: Let Greece leave the eurozone
California oil refineries' gross profits nearly double in 2015
L.A. County supervisors agree to boost minimum wage to $15/hour by 2020
FCC set to approve AT&T's purchase of DirecTV
Thanks to Reddit, McDonald's secret menu is not so secret anymore - Houston Chronicle