Monday, August 3, 2015

Researchers Create a Worm that Infects MAC'S Silently and Permanently

Racial Lines

In Australia Bishop's Career is over

Inside the glow

Greek shares route

Will Abe play nice?

Music Festival want better approach to drugs

Child sex is the next frontier

Nice... maybe the old ladies Association next

Iraq creaks up

Womens Club

Ghost Army

Jazz Portrait - Harlem, New York, 1958 Art Poster Print by Art Kane, 35x24 Art Poster Print by Art Kane, 35x24

Bonus:  General Wesley Clark is one of the narrators.

NDP starts with a tiny lead

Privacy? Have You Done Any Wrong?

We want you ...

India's Invert Politics

I've said before

Well Tell Me, Tell Me Where I'm Going... I Don't Know Where I've Been

Barns and Silo                                                    Schoharie, NY

Grand Central Station                   4 30 2003 1041 Pm, NY NY

On The Banks of the Raritan                      New Brunswick, NJ

Sand Bar in the Raritan River                     New Brunswick, NJ

Waterfall Oakwood Cemetery                                    Troy, NY

                               Woman by the Water           Raritan River New Brunswick, NJ



just remember who you have collecting the bills

its global things that mean a lot


forest fire in CA

I do not want to mow, and here is why

Have you ever wondered which country was across the sea?

Avedon notes...

murder most foul

Noon Hits 3 Aug

Hiroshima Bombing 70 Years Later

The mushroom cloud formed by the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on 6 August 1945.

In Other News...

Bloom: PPC

Greek Stocks Shave off 20%

Greek shares plunge as market reopens
Greek Stocks Fall as Exchange Reopens
Athens stock exchange braces for sharp falls
It is shocking how many don't have anything yet.
A Athènes, la Bourse rouvre et chute immédiatement de près de 20 %
For example Le Fig, London Times, WaPo, Zeit

NY Times has a link to Bloom
Greek Stocks Tumble on First Day of Trading After Shutdown
They have a good take on it being a hedge opening
It is loony when dublin times beats London Times...
Markets: Greek stocks plunge after reopening
Call Dubin a hire the front page ed