Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Two For Slumber and Dreams


Blue sky leaves of Gold, Red, Orange and Yellow.
Mocking the Colours of flames, against the warmth of the sun.
Fields of Gold and Yellow, fading to Brown as another day
fades......another season passes.

When we find the words to make time stop.
When we can make the days last forever.
As we watch our time fade and turn to dust.
To be come Colours.

Naked in your beauty.
The world has been laid out at your feet, in your coat of many Colours.
Brilliant in its many hues, dazzling to the eye, stirring to the soul.
Fields of green long since passed to Gold, Yellow and Brown.
As another season fades........another year passes.

When we find the words to make time stop.
As we watch our time fade and turn to dust.
When we can make the days last forever...............
To become Colours.

David Casabonne (C) All Rights reserved 10.21.00

Good (Is a Subjective Statement)  

Always had the dreams, never had the ambition.
Diligent, cautious, anal retentive ....... Ass kisser ?
I’m ambitious, but I’m a dreamer, I want it all , but its all just a dream on a silver platter.

I have the dreams but have not the ambition.

I want what I want, when I want it, and God forbid if I have to do a little work to get it .
I’m ambitious, but I’m a dreamer, I want it all but its only a dream on a silver platter.

diligent cautious anal retentive .......Brown noser.
Stabbed in the back.......daydreaming again.

David Casabonne(C) 25.3.2000 All rights reserved

Macron Act, the Constitutional Council essentially valid

London Times does not want JC reader

JC is the last one you’d want to lead Labour
Now, are they being reasonable or not?

Inmates Family asks questons

Irish leader looks Ended


Tesla widen loss


Sissi expensive new lifeline

Lib Sec a study in failure

a white man gets gunned down by police

Ottawa Uber Rides

We are there


Paris reimburses to ships in Moscow

Oliver Sacks

even Texas will not allow it

first it was a few, then it was many, now it is.....

a down pouring of fish

LRB: Yeats

real-time debris

Ron Paul staff member indicted

Chicago police detained thousands of Americans at interrogation facility

Malaysian PM says that MH370 is the source

When You Try to See the Meaning, Hidden Underneath, the Measure of the Depth Can be Deceiving

                                              Bridges on the Raritan  New Brunswick, NJ
High Peaks  The Adirondacks NY

Panther Mt in Mist Chestertown, NY

Sun Through the Trees Johnson Park, New Brunswick, NJ

Washed Ashore  Raritan River New Brunswick, NJ

Winter Woods  Clarkson Road Chestertown, NY

ignored officials tell details

vulnerable Australians into drug crime

Tories are committed, NDP has more growth potential

coder wins 1000 competitions using twitter bot

Seattle does not like Amazon

Fed will take over LA jails

Day 3 at Athens

 it is clear that the mess is not over.

636.15 -23.79    -3.60%

Kerry does not have a leg to stand on

Bush backtracks again

 this time on women's health...
Jeb Bush: I misspoke about women's health funding - BBC News
 may be we need a misspoken president,  what say?

the waste city

do not give a gram when the better response is to give a bushel earlier

Hiroshima survivors against Brazil joining the club

The Mormon Stone

Drone heroin drop