Friday, August 7, 2015

Panama now ship cut

a civil society moment

Justice Dep Asks judge migrant families in detention centers

Soviet Taliban

Anti-thal Hero Dies

PR: Pet Brick

Eye shape may determine prey

doctors without consciences

Judas is Dead

getting the shell out of here

Dos Passos


They Did Not Listen They're Not Listening Still Perhaps They Never Will

Albany Skyline in Mist

Bridges on the Raritan            New Brunswick, NJ

Glimmer Glass          Loon Lake Chestertown, NY

Ice Formation Heldeburgh Escarpment John Boyd Thatcher Park

On The Banks of the Raritan                     New Brunswick, NJ

Sunday on a Park Bench       Johnson Park New Brunswick, NJ

series of suicide attacks hit call

Their say that Schumer's "no" is Schumer's"no"

University of Illinois used personal email

why it is the right time to examine the LA freeway

prison Steps

LRB Reviews

Gehry joins effort

32 Uber charges

bribery scandal costs Brazil billions

You should think the would know better

Home on the Strange

You are not the audience

which is worse?

porn website admin jailed

Double Dip

I got that 2000 feeling, it will pass, eventually

Panther & Lilies

WSJ: Numbers keep Fed on track rate increase

Spain Heatwaves

results explained

Migrant 'chaos' on Greek islands - UN
Syrian boy rescued off Lesbos, 6 Aug 16

 winners:  Germans,  rich Greeks
 losers:  average Greeks
 real losers:   average Greeks living on islands

Were is Cecil?

A Dam Ends

in trivial news...

Australia wiped out 38 billion (Australian)

Punch line


hard to turn oil

we have a mahne hare, but to a few losses compared with that?

Not all places need skyscrapers

Truck Bomb in Kabul

Suicide Attacker in Kabul Kills at Least 8 With Truck Bomb

I need to About the distinction between Japan and Korea -  who have high suicides -  and Arabia (generally)  who have low suicides and high  terrorism.  These are connected.  see also U.N. Aims to Identify Chlorine Bomb Users in Syria , At Least 15 Die at Saudi Mosque From Suicide Bomber

They see the past quite clearly


Kama Sutra