Sunday, August 9, 2015

NSA Report: China Successfully Hacked 600+ American Targets in 5 Years

Australian Liberal to vote for speaker

Time of Trial

Childhood Abuse in Pakistan


The plan

Note the shift

He's dead Jim

Empty Korean

Still teaching

I'm late I'm late. But there is nothing going on.

I Have Done All That I Could To See The Evil And The Good Without Hiding You Must Help Me if You Can

Farm Land                                Langley Road Amsterdam, NY

Hudson River From the Riparius Bridge               Riparius, NY

                               Kansas City Sky Scrapers                         Kansas City Missouri
Looking into the Foot Hills                                 Schoharie, NY

The Mohawk Valley                                             Schoharie, NY

Winter in the Mohawk Valley                            Schoharie, NY

John William Coltrane (September 23, 1926 – July 17, 1967),

really $7

We've heard this before

Cole Porter in

Dmitri Shostakovich. is it time to revisit his legacy?

LA Train Dispute

WaPo's CC Getting final trial, perhaps

the city that is going backwards

he was six four and full of muscles

London Marathon results in questions