Wednesday, August 12, 2015

commercial real estate prices in US stirs bubble worries

labor wants liberal commissioner to actually behave

Chelsea Manning is locked up for trivial offenses - just in case anyone thought this was going way

Burmese security forces remind everyone who is in charge

just in case anybody realized the Greeks do not have money

Good God Sir, as he not had enough?

Australia same sex marriage heats up

Biden sound out prospect

librarians. livid

the corruption wing rules all ways

devaluation hits deep

It Was A Monday A Day Like Any Other Day I Left A Small Town For The Apple In Decay

Bridge over creek                                           Schoharie, NY Oil

                                Farm Land                                 Langley Road Amsterdam, NY

Grey December Day                      Loon Lake Chestertown, NY

Looking Into the Heartland                      Kansas City Missouri

Shady Grove                  Johnson Park New Brunswick, NJ Oil

The Mohawk Valley                                       Schoharie, NY Oil

are humans the only primate who fight wars?

Fed funds nearer than you think, say the whisper numbers

Dow claws back


in petrol city

The is no Greece

Western heatwave

gender ID now multiple choice

the New York times as he seen question which we have been searching for

Why Is Turkey Fighting the Kurds Who Are Fighting ISIS?

 this is why the war is in shambles.

Content disappearing from tubes

 more and more is beneath screens which do not actually mentioned content, just the pattern.

Yuan Lower - more

Asia stocks down as yuan again lower

We goona party like it's 1929...

Currency Move by China May Revive Dispute With U.S.
U.S. Strains Mount After China Devalues Yuan
Yuan Slump Threatens More Gloom for World Metals Producers
Here's One Big Winner From the Collapse in Oil Prices: Tire Manufacturers
Yuan Drops in ‘Vicious Cycle’; China's Central Bank Gives Market More Sway
Yuan Moves
Global Stocks Fall Further on China Concerns
Stoxx 600384.89 -2.22%

China instructs its banks to sell dollars on its behalf.
Nikkei20392.77 -1.58%

 but are  oil is up Crude Oil43.53 1.04%
China’s devaluation prompts outcry from U.S. politicians on both sides  now one can see who is on speed dial...

 the final cut...
China credibility on the line as yuan slides again

And NY Times...

China Weakens Its Currency Further, Jolting Global Markets

and The Guardian
Currency devaluation could spark 'tidal wave of deflation'

Once Pearson was an economics power house

lets try hard left... nothing else worked

world still runs on A/B testing

in Germany it dry

the plague

because men and women want their targets to smile. that is why

the housing loan market is not for you the buyer or you for lender

a letter by Maine's governor to a constituent

really, no capital is not melting, but feudalism disguised as capital is going through a periodic meltdown

Walker and Rubio would be the most extreme nominees ever

this is not going to work for much longer

the black market in Columbia

could we see a civilization dying?

that looks really ugly

agreement on Greece

government entirely absent, say bishops in Ilaly

the Prince of minor raters as view by NY

Right wing death squads on vacation

"and another one bites the dust"

Tony Abbot It is not popular, is this person on the moon?

606 plan

suicide by lighting himself

a bountiful day at Parisian Review

is not Bernie's fault

violence is up in Mexico