Thursday, August 13, 2015

That Half

Vers le bas par le fleuve (down by the river)

Ferrell Cat on Porch      134 Raritan Avenue Highland Park, NJ

Foot Path Along Raritan Canal             New Brunswick, NJ Oil

 Levy Between Canal and River           New Brunswick, NJ Oil

Swan on Ell Pond                                                  Melrose, MA

The Mighty Raritan                               New Brunswick, NJ Oil

Stone Tunnel                         River Road Highland Park, NJ Oil

Vers le bas par le fleuve (down by the river)

Vous rappelez-vous ? Jours vers le bas par fleuve-Sur étés
brumeux après midi. Brises chaudes se dégageant du eau-Empêtré
dans la chaleur de la passion. Nectar coulant comme l'eau du fleuve.
Chalands de fleuve avançant lourdement l'est et à l'ouest. Par les
arbres verts bruns eau-Et abondants sombres. Ne pas regretter les
jours avant-Essayant de relive le moment. La longue tache floue de
jours d'été comme les taches floues de brume de la chaleur ; Le vert
brun de fleuves eau-Et abondant sombre des arbres.

D.Casabonne(C)8.18.2002 tous droits réservés

court rules bakery is liable

Southern states control

huge El Niño could devastate southern California

Turkish talks fail, leading perhaps to early elections

Russian corruption

Greek struggles with how much of their power to give up

The power of the market with respect to China

Chemteam to Chinese blast site

Connecticut court rules death penalty unconstitutional

seems the secret about Harding was true

The next stage of Trumpish is getting in to gear

Trump Made Millions From Multilevel Marketing Firm

 it clear that they want him gone before summer is over.

why have secure, when you can have profitable?

Slate Bostonians hate their city hall

why use the scale for earthquakes? because the progenitor was actually an amateur astronomer

a geek moment

is called "barbarism"

Why can straight white men have sex with men without social consequences? | Zach Stafford | Comment is free | The Guardian

We need to have a re-civilization moment,  where things that are acceptable in the prehistorical past have to be  re-examined.  Start with the kinds of sex that are not possible anymore.  Do not blame the victim,  but do not give him or her permission to do it.  For example having sex with young children - demonstrably -  works in the distant past,  but we should not permit this in a civilized future. 

wired need to get with the program

America Is Frying the Planet With Its Corn Fields

 and not paste long complex and JavaScript code as their intro.


Greek get a dead cat bounce

problem With money is it cannot drown out those problems, but it can get so that people are alone in worrying about


I luv MJ

Let's see how long it takes her to see this/

50 dead in China

Al-Qaeda pledge to Taliban

Beijing defends handling of ¥

the rapid anti gay movement is going to drag the liberal (Aus) down

Drone drops heroin

Pork - two sides

Ai Weiwei

jailed and then removed

ISIS defines a theology of rape

Cuban cars

Italians do not want Starbucks

El Nino

Dozens dead in Iraq

file another one under "no really!!?"

Day 3 Yuan drop

They're wrong

You probably will not succeed by doing.  But you certainly will not by not doing.


Gary Wills - Te Buckley Myth