Friday, August 14, 2015

Where the River Flows

Canal in Johnson Park                                New Brunswick, NJ
Foot Path Along Raritan Canal                    New Brunswick, NJ

Levy Between River and Canal                  New Brunswick, NJ

Riders At The Gate                    River Road Highland Park, NJ

Tunnel River Road                                        Highland Park,NJ

Woman by the Water              Raritan RiverNew Brunswick, NJ

China looks to Switzerland for Festival

the short answer is no

the last stand of the 1960s

picture show

anger rising in China

even Krugman

it is time to get all Guantánamo

the death toll from China and is many times greater than that

there is no way that on the death toll is 55

Islamic state leafer rates US hostage

 everyone should have the same format

he wants out

one could have a plot for a novel from this

let us see whether the new commissioner is right or left

this is what is going to get Chinese blast investigated

but the word was mentioned

KKR's Samson Ch 11

KKR’s Samson Resources Plans Chapter 11 Filing

Don't  you wish you could do this?

Greek cruise to house 2500

Irish protesters worn of worse

what stalin built

because who would not want a house next to a bomb shelter?

because you are small that is why

charging money, and not increasing the number of professors

with the 56 dead, China orders a chem crackdown

Malaysia's currency drops significantly

cannot Japan say "I am sorry"

Ottawa focuses on dreams

it shows just how much corruption is involved with any party which governs, particularly a corrupt party

Maldives not from MH370

Sell or Hell

a thing New Yorker calls fiction

the New Yorker bids Beijing a blah

euro zone growth slows

Eurozone Growth Slows

 the Greek rich won the deal

the futures on Chinese markets signal downwards pressure

there are more questions then answers about Chinese explosion


Every Seven Seconds

what is wrong with this? it says Facebook after all.

Republican Congress is making it harder to know how the economy is doing

A life close to Goethe

55 dead in latest count

Greeks back bailout

No you don't

Wired: Dudes still run things

PR: 14 Aug

Olds cloths, free speech

A Year

Indians want growth

Secrets of the Dead

Fires still burn

GTN - the download

Can we learn from a planet?