Saturday, August 15, 2015

we were the enemy

bikers are doping

as I have said before, the people are on the hook for Olympic debt

a shift among start ups

abortion or treatment, the call is in the hands of the provider

now Clinton has do something

Star Wars

70th South Korea Liberation

Tianjin blasted warehouse on fire again

Talking Head

no sense of home (part 396)

Could the stumbler stumble?

attacks on refugees

Dead Trans is the new Dead Gay

Benjamin "Written on Skin"

What does $15 look like to you

even the Canadians get older and stupiderer

how do we ration what we do not know will be valuable?

Some Ebola still some suffer


Egypt rejects UN's call for killings

Sanders is the fever, Trump is the nightmare

The South Koreans are trying to be gentle; the North Koreans are not listening

Singapore's past is put to song

this is going to happen often

AT&T Helps NSA spy on traffic

Fresh Blasts?


NE Air ports reporting flight delays

the danger is there actually persons with out pity

Ya think?

Frob, tweak, twiddle

 first get down the very core of novel.

 then get down the major details which now have someplace to go.

 then refine the arabesques.

Frob,  tweak,   twiddle.

Because mothers not children know how much they can eat (snerk)

Lebanon arrests

small islands big issues

ghosts of Japan

is not an experiment, it is a prophet taking exercise

10 years afterwards...

fired cartoonist it is back at newspaper

at least 40 dead in Mediterranean

reading Hebrew in Cairo

Clinton team went crazy

this dog does on yet

five things to watch on economic calendar

saving a hotel

Yenen debates staying at war

China orders evacuation of blast area