Monday, August 17, 2015

Hedge fund woes

Putin visits Crimea

Cuba by years end

Poop Tells a Story

Check Salt

Motion Sickness

Hi Wage Hi Growth

TV -

Coloring Books

600 rounds

Russia Train

114 Dead in Tiajin

Overcharge Customers

NDP Minoritly

Oil at new 6 year low

dopey costs gold

Security alert at US nuclear

Mexico obstructs the investigation of external

Red Pandas

Google wants Marhmallow

I live this, chronicling as it happened

Cult of Joan

paper shortage

Olympics failed to report superbug outbreaks

Bangkok bombing at least 27 killed - inside the shrine

expenses truly wretched

someday will build it, probably in about 200 years

people have been killing in brutal ways for a long time

powerful typhoon heads towards Taiwan

we need to regulate this

New Hampshire really case puts focus

Jeff Bezos defends Amazon

the inevitable comes to the West coast - fire

Republicans say they are more happily married

better devalued currency and fixed machine

LA minimum wage war

the problem with housing prices is there too high or too low

when his the question, not if

Osama bin Laden and his tapes

Syria reportedly receives MiG-31

a deal on the labour front

IT - the honeymoon is over for social platforms

MC Escher

monumental works that never were

the 13 kinds of late people

the fun is gone

the aura of space

Kurds youth arm with whatever comes to hand

now and then, racism is still the same

the deadliest plants

parental leave costs more to administer than people get

Japan's economy contracts

Jihad and girl power

China places now at World War II conference ( he was not there)

China protests demand compensation