Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Major Dev in Dublin

officers to stand trial in New Mexico's death

Lib apologize

Airlines lead to dark clouds

new trolleys for Seattle

marijuana is not legal where it is legalized

13 months and still waiting in Iran

risks on bail out vote for Merkel

North South rail link in Boston

private drones putting fighter fighters at risk

FDA approves first female Viagra drug

State department encounters visa fights

Yuan Devaluation

Another Democratic votes no on Iran deal

Trump bid got scarier

How Far?

PR: on Bed and other tidbits

signs are not good from Beijing

Guess who is a Confederate collector?

Walmart Cut

China Guessing

Putin Slump

Oil not the way

Philosophy Is A Walk On A Slippery Rock, Religion Is A Smile On A Dog

Bridge over creek                                               Schoharie, NY

Dry River The Raritan                           New Brunswick, NJ Oil

Ferrell Cat on Porch 134 Raritan Avenue Highland Park, NJ Oil

                                Sand Bar in the  Raritan                   River New Brunswick, NJ

Sunlit Path                            Johnson Park New Brunswick, NJ

Young Lovers on a Park Bench Johnson Park, New Brunswick, NJ

new Atlantic tropical depression may form

in Houston, inside a notorious black market

in Chicago, " Loop car" bombing plot facing new charges

" on the socialist, not a unionist" says Corbyn

how for-profit colleges cash in

more woes for the ex-chief of Canadian staff

It looks like fun, Until you see the results

just ignore things that interest you

Inmate died after fight with officers

Amazon runs on thin margins

In Canada Laneway homes are a tuff sale

Vis v Law

military deployed to battle fires

if it sticks. Wear it. (Trump)

Guns or solitude

PR: The Clown Spirit

X-president admits defeat

GE joins list

fashion mogul intensifies questioning over killing an intruder

how ISIS rationalizes rape

drunk crew included copilot at seven times the legal limit

competition is brutal

Just when you though it had gotten worse...

Did China have a license for that?

Is a million $ enough?