Thursday, August 20, 2015

militarism is not the answer, but where going to get it anyway

Abe unopposed

early elections are a catastrophe for Greece

China drain currency

how social bias keeps on to the web, according to WSJ

more bad news from Tiajin

Because Ashley Madison was secret

Danny Hurricane

new life for old trains

why medical marijuana in Illinois can get you fired

Born to Cheat?

that's about right

Closing stocks

DJIA16990.69 -2.06%
FTSE 100 -35.56
Nikkei 225 -189.11
CAC 40 -100.55
DAX -249.96
IBEX 35 -195.4
Dow Hits 2015 Low on Growth Worries

why the young love #Bern

Greek PM resigns

10 currencies at risk

Canadian Maple syrup rebels

John Lennon vinyl reissue

Western fires reach 'extreme'

July was hottest on record

dig may unlock secrets of Pict carving

S Korea evacuates order residents

Harper calls elections; voters leaning to pitch p.m.

some animals love the city

California drought is aided by human emissions

Greek Prime Minister does not need friends, calls snap elections

Jimmy Carter announces cancer has spread to brain

Days Of Future Passed

30000 Feet Over Middle America

Fredic Remington's The Broncho Buster Kansas City Missouri

Hudson River From the Riparius Bridge                Riparius, NY

Naragansett Bay                                                          Galilee, RI

New York, New York                         43rd and 7th Avenue Oil

                                  Snowy Egret on Ell Pond                                 Melrose, MA

the new old economy

HP Lovecraft

Yankee moment

3 from Wired


carbon fibers made from air

how is Airbnb changing SF?

start up culture

Pinterest finally lands a home

fishing may be to blame for whale deaths

lessons from an art show

Crimea is for Russian patriots

Slovenia's karst territory is breathtaking

CEO apologizes for remark

St Louis police shoot and kill 18-year-old

Uber missed criminal records of drivers

migrant smuggling trade in Niger

Ontario public high school reaches tentative agreement

ISIS group claims responsibility for Cairo attack

far right leader faces judges

Venezuela Closed its border with Colombia

Corbyn to be his own man

Felon defies ban on accounting work

Asian stocks down

 Nikkei  down
Nikkei20033.52 -0.94%
  other markets as well
HS 22757.47-410.38-1.77%
Shang 3664.29-129.82-3.42%

bill for Snowden services: $30 million

insiders raised security alerts at adultery firm

report details politics role in blasts

oil plummets, but oil stocks keep growing

Yemen "on brink of famine"