Friday, August 21, 2015

Canada Con Drift


Gov is on AM hack

Sex Assault in the OR

Uber is on fast track

El Nino is the Worst

Blasts: Toxic China

New Orleans

World Skips a Beat

Blasts Expose Chemicals’ Proximity to Homes in China

TSX is Toronto's Oil Patch

The office after Amazon: is the workplace becoming a jungle?

Hostile state

Blame pepper for imperialism, bananas for misery

Burning Man: Trunk show offers sizzle before the Burn

Three Western myths about Japan

Icon Reivnents itself

Sell Off III

Three Shoot

B&J does well

NY Times thinks this a breather

Trump wants to win it all

The C Gets sharp

The wolves are hungry

China hits hard

Europe's shell game

Ryanair owes

Malaysia's many scandals

Turkey to set elects Nov 1

Macedonians rush border


Sell off

DJIA -250.84
16,739.85 -1.48%
S&P 500 -28.74
2,006.99 -1.41%
FTSE 100 -129.79
6,238.10 -2.04%
Nikkei 225 -597.69
19,435.83 -2.98%
40.38 -2.27%

Brazil has a mess

Teenager shot in back

Wired On No Tips




Saturn Moon

it has only got to get better

prepare for war little tin dictator of North Korea says

how much longer can SA hold out?

now that they destroyed value, they can rebuild

try electing a Democrat

more bad news from global markets

Sell-Off in Global Markets Continues Into Second Day
Nikkei 225 -597.69
FTSE 100 -35.29

 right now it is just a subsidiary bleeding,  but it looks like it could start with next long of tender. 

Global stocks in 'panic mode' as Chinese factory slump drags on markets

Egyptians suffer as Cairo is defined by bomb attacks

nothing to stop Iran once nuclear deal place

Syriza rebels form new party

police use gas against migrants