Tuesday, August 25, 2015

it needs to be repeated that sex slaves face brutal practices

Renata Adler by Christopher L

the long slow trip on the Shanghai Composite

the news from Asia is good for the moment

 but it is a crazy ride....

but it is not...

A Former Tibetan Monk Is Being Accused of Defrauding Chinese Real Estate Investors

PBOC under pressure

Asian stocks in fresh selloff

meet the new boss, is the younger cousin of the old boss

It may be time to have a socialist

Meanwhile Somewhere in New Jersey...............

Dry River     The Raritan                        New Brunswick, NJ

Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge          New Vernon, NJ

Main Street USA                                            Highland Park, NJ

                                           Nathaniel Drake House                             Plainfield, NJ

Raritan Canal                                               New Brunswick NJ

                                   White Bridge Road Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, New Vernon, NJ

US/Mexico train

A 21st-Century Migrant

SNP detangs

Revealed: How our democratic doorway to the Scottish Parliament has been slammed 

MEMBERS of the public are being short-changed by the Scottish Parliament because civil servants are systematically blocking hundreds of requests for action.
MSPs serving on the Scottish Parliament's public petitions committee have noiw called for a shake-up of the system after figures compiled by The Herald showed barely a quarter of requests were accepted for consideration.
The rest were rejected by parliament clerks and never discussed by the committee.
While the Holyrood committee considered 170 petitions from the public, the equivalent body at the Welsh Assembly looked into 356 over the same period.

Online Market

now that the headlines have caught up with virtually real

Sotheby's 2 auction Bob Dylan manuscript

It's so close, even the headlines were wrong

Final, DOWN

this is not good


As the Dow Jones Drops
"remember the stock market has predicted 12 of the last three recessions..."

of course it is unfair, it is meant for the stock traders not retirees

the new seat proportionality in Canada

If  Ontario breaks for the NDP then that will be decisive.  if it does not it could be a con/ Lib against the alliance.
CBC News | Éric Grenier's Poll Tracker

That's Outrageous! I have never heard of such a thing! what will they think of next?

Britain's plan for Nazi spaceships

because the Lord of science is dead

Too Many Law Students, Too Few Legal Jobs

Water Shortage Near Great Lakes Spurs a Fight

Two Bets from Wall St.

Woes for expansion of a light rail system

Is this the end of China's growth model?

Hawking believes that he has discovered something wondrous

US Cardinal is charged with drunken driving

AM discusses hacking a competitor site

Obama singles Koch

AirBnB is here from the top

I Wrote a piece on this exact subject

Why Facebook disabled in Islamic threat

Mira Gonzalez

Critics: Visa program for rich is ‘Immigration Reform for the 1%’

Democrats accuse 11 GOP candidates, Koch network of illegal coordination

William Golding

Gourmet: London

Wired II

Yes,  the car is a kind of techo-porn. Totsumi.



ISIS Accelerates Destruction of Antiquities in Syria

The Relief on Wall St.

BATS BZX Real-Time Price
As of 9:35am ET
 +360.17 / +2.27%
Today’s Change

S&P Futures Leap

By 250+

Ready Set Go

I Agree

the hurricane station

maybe they will listen if a newspaper says it

Australian liberals on the back foot after NT government suffers first loss

Country Liberals on the offensive after first defeat as minority NT Government
 I knew that the liberals are on the offensive according to the head liner.  but no evidence for that has been released.

McDonald's is in a real estate crunch

McDonald’s Lands in a Real-Estate Dilemma
 remember real estate is the companies may business

it seems clear... the worst is largely behind us

the piano collector

Biden weighs options

old dominion suspends fraternity

China cuts rates

Gaza, a study in Gulag

Black Tuesday - Euro Ed

Canadian dollar sinks to 11-year low - Business


People Love Your Sarcasm, Really - WSJ