Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ive Got Some Place I Need to Be, But Im Really In No Hurry

Adirondacks in Winter from the Summit of Gore Mt

Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, New Vernon, NJ

Levy Between River and Canal New Brunswick, NJ

                                                                    Main Street USA, Plainfield, NJ

Saratoga Flat Track, Saratoga, NY

                                                View of The Adirondacks From Gore Mt, North Creek, NY

Effort to reproduce 100 experimental findings succeeds only 39 times

‘NeuroTribes,’ by Steve Silberman

The push for 21 cigarettes

Fiorina Moves to Secure Spot in Second G.O.P. Debate

The Wettest Place

BBC rec'd Movies

Cut by More

Business Unusual

Cronies for Oligarchirs


02/01/15 IowaFirst caucuses in the nation. Tenatively scheduled.

New HampshireFirst primary in the nation. Could move up based on other states' scheduling.

South CarolinaCould move up based on other states' scheduling.
02/20/15 NevadaCaucus date, affected by other states' scheduling.
March North CarolinaSet for three days after the South Carolina primary. Legislation to move the date is pending.
03/01/15 Alabama


ColoradoThe Republican party will not vote, allowing its 37 delegates to remain unpledged to a specific candidate.


MassachusettsLegislation to move the date is pending.

MinnesotaCaucus date. Legislation that would establish a primary is pending.




VermontLegislation to move the date is pending.

03/05/15 KansasThe state canceled its primary in favor of caucuses.


Nebraska Democratic CaucusRepublican primary is May 10.
03/06/15 Maine Democratic CaucusRepublicans have not set a caucus date.
03/08/15 Hawaii Republican CaucusDemocratic caucus is March 26.

Idaho Republican PrimaryDemocratic caucus is March 22.


03/15/15 Florida

IllinoisLegislation to move the date is pending.


03/22/15 Arizona

Idaho Democratic CaucusRepublican primary is March 8.

03/26/15 Alaska Democratic CaucusRepublicans have not set a caucus date.

Hawaii Democratic CaucusRepublican caucus is March 8.

Washington Democratic CaucusRepublicans have not set a caucus date but will allocate some delegates through the May 24 primary.
04/05/15 WisconsinLegislation to move the date is pending.
04/09/15 Wyoming Democratic CaucusRepublicans have not set a caucus date.
04/19/15 New York
04/26/15 Connecticut



PennsylvaniaLegislation to move the date is pending.

Rhode Island
05/03/15 Indiana
05/10/15 Nebraska Republican PrimaryDemocratic caucus is March 5.

West Virginia
05/17/15 Kentucky

05/24/15 Washington Republican PrimaryRepublicans will also use a caucus to allocate some delegates. Democrats will use thier March 26 caucus to allocate delegates.
06/07/15 California


New Jersey

New Mexico

North Dakota Democratic CaucusRepublicans have not set a caucus date.

South Dakota
06/14/15 District of Columbia
No date set Alaska Republican CaucusDemocratic caucus is March 26.

Maine Republican CaucusDemocratic caucus is March 6.

North Dakota Republican CaucusDemocratic caucus is June 7.

Washington Republican CaucusRepublicans will also use a primary to allocate some delegates. Democratic caucus is March 26.

Wyoming Republican CaucusDemocratic caucus is April 9.



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"The media has a great influence on research in Veracruz"

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New images of Islamic State destruction at Palmyra show extent of 'atrocity-class event'

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U.S. economy grew 3.7 percent in second quarter

Austria Finds Up to 50 Bodies in Truck Left on Side of Road

Tesla Engineer Jumps Ship To Join Apple / CISA Aimed at External Cyberthreats, Not Spying

Tesla Engineer Jumps Ship To Join Apple

CISA Aimed at External Cyberthreats, Not Spying

Traveling in Europe’s River of Migrants

Margin Calls Bite Banks

New Orleans Economy 10 Years After Katrina

75 years of Northwest watercolors

Millénium 4 : David Lagercrantz comprend ceux qui le boycottent

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'Dark net' paedophilia

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Tianjin blast officials 'negligent'