Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Documents show 'fancy dress' escape plan

PM refuses to admit country is in recession despite official figures

China’s Crackdown on Rumors Will Only Hurt Its Economy

Economic Woes Breed Pessimism in Mexico

US police 'shoot man with hands up'

US picks LA as Olympics 2024 bid city

New Ebola death in Sierra Leone

It’s on: Jeb Bush embraces a risky fight with Donald Trump

Carly Fiorina earns a spot on the main stage at next GOP debate

U.S. using secret drone campaign to hunt ISIS leaders

Senator Wallin case dogs Stephen Harper on campaign trail

As 2 Senators Back Iran Deal, Obama Needs Just 1 More

U.S. Remains the Great Satan, Iran Hard-Liners Say

Checkmate, central banks. Morgan Stanley: Central Banks Are Playing a Game of Chess That Results in an Endless Cycle of Easing - Bloomberg Business

McDonald's Planning to Start Selling All-Day Breakfast on Oct. 6

Uber Ordered to Face Class Action Over Drivers’ Status

Does the TARDIS have a soul?

Isis plans to ban ‘evil’ banknotes and mint its own coins

'A Walk in the Woods' review: Mild men Redford, Nolte take a hike

Remembering Oliver Sacks: A man of 'goofiness and grace'

Dow -468.61 (2.84)

Ecuador's Political Eruption

According to Pedro Cieza de León, who chronicled the Spanish conquistadors’ arrival in the Incan Empire, when Pedro de Alvarado entered the land that is now Ecuador in 1534, the Cotopaxi volcano erupted, sending massive gusts of fire and ash into the air, practically reducing the soldiers themselves to dust. As the story goes, the local indigenous people perceived this as a sign of nature’s outrage.
Ecuador's Political Eruption

Driverless Cars Run Into Problem: Cars With Drivers

A slowing of global growth

It still bad news

Careful what you wish for with Social Security

How to make fried yuca cakes for a taste of Cuba

State logging rules should not be subject to industry influence

Psychology Is Not in Crisis - say psychologists

There are 10 world heritage sites in Iraq and Syria. Nine are in danger.

Mr. Erdogan’s War Against the Kurds

West coast residents fear future devastation

Beverley Sister Joy dies aged 91

Steve Jobs: More P.T. Barnum than Thomas Edison?

Souls of S.F.: 'Why do you have that crowbar?'

North Bay transit line en route, on schedule for 2016 opening

Kentucky clerk persons to a higher person, I think it is devil

Cameron ditches Yes/No question plan for UK EU referendum

Why is Ireland now more expensive than Germany?

Dow Marks Slide

Mohamed A. El-Erian (@elerianm) With #Dow futures now showing a loss of 400 points, what is the likelihood of repeating last Monday's down 1,000 point open? #markets
CNBC Now (@CNBCnow)
BREAKING: Dow futures tumble 400 points amid China data jitterscnb.cx/1JuivB0
Dow, Nasdaq plunge 2%; both in correction

Let Coal Die a Natural Death

Ex-Agent Charged in Bitcoin Case Attempted Identity Change

Maine Through the Eyes of Edward Hopper

New Tallest Skyscraper Planned for Tokyo

Title Tip #1 Negative Brainstorming

China: still going down on currency front

Russia’s Fist Just Clenched Around the Internet a Little Tighter

Those you Planning to hold stocks, perhaps you might wish to re-consider

NDP now the top party in Quebec

GDP figures from Statistics Canada expected to show slide into recession

Critic’s Notebook: Exhibition on China and Fashion Proves Golden for Met

More bad news from stocks

Clinton: e-mail

Hungary closes Budapest station to refugees

Fall 2015's best Latin American novels

Mystery papers are Mockingbird draft, not a third novel