Friday, September 4, 2015

Jailed clerk becomes unlikely conservative hero as deputies issue same-sex marriage licenses

August jobs report sends mixed signals to Fed on interest rate hike

Rushdie's 'Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights'

Houthi Rebels Kill 45 U.A.E. Soldiers in Yemen Fighting

Clintons personally paid State Dept. staffer to maintain private e-mail server

U.S. Allies Said to Take Part in Afghan Strike Decisions

Facial recognition helps detect welfare benefits fraud

As academic year begins, court rules charter schools are unconstitutional

Microsoft considers multibillion-dollar overhaul to Redmond campus

Dog's death triggers Russian River warning

Beauty care, K-town style

‘God’ help us: An Amazon melodrama

Asian Art Museum treads carefully into the contemporary

historic first: Latinos will lead both houses of Legislature

Scion of a Famous Russian Family Switches Loyalty to Ukraine

What Your CEO Is Reading: Tech Bubble Spotting; Atlantic City Schemes; Banks Meet Blockchains

Half a Century Later Mainframes, Together with Linux, Still Run Much of Today’s Infrastructure

Jeff Wall’s Unique Photographic Vision

NDP at verge of lose the advantage

Iran hints prisoner swap may be way to free jailed American journalist

Winners, Losers in Lower Gas Prices

Google Pursuing a Return to China

G.O.P. Donors Are Puzzling Over How to Stop Trump

Migrants Can Enter Austria and Germany, Official Says

Tajikistan clashes leave 17 dead

How ‘A Little Life’ Became a Sleeper Hit

An Investor’s Field Guide to Bottom Fishing

The Man Who Opened Darwin’s Eyes

Wal-Mart Tests ‘Upskilling’

25 years after ‘The Civil War,’ Ken Burns finally made his dream movie

Chinese Navy Ships Passed Through U.S. Waters

Andrews to recommend Syria air strikes

Bauer in Berkeley: Chef's talent fails to translate

Blowing the Whistle on Tax Cheats

Wall Street’s Favorite Guessing Game: When Will the Fed Make Its Move?

Simplifying College Financial Aid Forms

Hungary offering buses to take migrants to Austria border

Dow Down

Distributing Refugees in Europe

Venezuela waits judgment

Frida Kahlo - Diego Rivera

Hungary migrant

Joe Biden on Presidential Run:

How erratic schedules hurt low-wage workers and became a front in the workers' rights fight

Did Laureen Harper contradict Conservative party policy on pot?

The Best VIX ETFs Are Also the Most Dangerous

2,000 cases may be overturned because police used secret Stingray surveillance

Revolutionary rhetoric resonates in Iowa

How to Catch Spoofers Who Manipulate Markets

GAO to Investigate Hysterectomy Device

Bad timing: how Canada’s prime minister walked into his own electoral trap

Second City cancels more shows as it works to clean up after fire

Abbott defends asylum seeker policy

Former Scots Tory Party treasurer banned for five years from running firms

Syrian Exodus Highlights the Political Failure of the West

Hungary migrants start walk to border

Guatemala Swears In New Leader as Ex-President Is Jailed

Oliver Sacks & music: On brainworms, hallucinations and sonic overload

Google Chrome Cuts Back on Memory Usage



The night the ex-president spent in jail

America’s once magical — now mundane — love affair with cars

"The refugees today remind me of my father fleeing Nazism"

Hungary lawmakers approve measures to seal borders

Witnessing Japan's surrender in China - BBC News

10 moving photos of Europe's migrant crisis - BBC News

the Kentucky court person may wish to think about strategy

Conservatives step up attack campaign against movement

Conservatives step up attack campaign against movement
 this year must be the stupid year for conservatives.

It comes out of the equations

Review of ’Arous Amman

US jobs up, down down (update)

The death of a Syrian boy puts Stephen Harper on the defensive

'Europe's biggest test since second world war'

The E.U. Reacts to Images of a Drowned Syrian Boy - The New York Times

The silly season is over for Trump

Village of 1,000 sealed off over Ebola

EU 'must accept 200,000 refugees'

A Strange Business: Making Art and Money in 19th-Century Britain by James Hamilton – review | Books | The Guardian

Review: Lord of the Flies by William Golding | - A Book Review Blog

Seeking Super-Interns | Open Source with Christopher Lydon