Monday, September 7, 2015

Aung San Suu Kyi says crucial transition period will follow Myanmar election

Shut down coal mining: Pacific leaders

The culture of science begins in the classroom

The puzzling side of Stephen Sondheim

Scientists theorize about last common ancestor of humans, apes

British jihadists in Syria killed by RAF drones

Russian Thugs vs. The Avant-Garde

Turkey 'to wipe out' PKK after attack

Snakebite antidote is running out

Stephen Harper would quit as PM even if party loses by a seat

'MythBusters' tackles 'Star Wars' lightsaber science

Dark awakened: Parts of downtown become hubs of L.A.'s new nightlife

Bernie Sanders' Labor Day index, with apologies to Harper's Magazine

Fall’s 10 Best New Coffee-Table Books—and the Coffee Tables to Put Them On

Greetings From Bitcoin Island

Inside the Vatican, signs of brewing conservative dissent

Thomas Piketty to advise anti-austerity party Podemos

Plutonium Is Unsung Concession in Iran Nuclear Deal

Story of the Week: The Land

Technology Firms Resist U.S. Over Access to Data

Migrants defy Hungary police lines

America’s national vacation problem

At least 11 Afghan police officers killed in friendly-fire incident, officials say

Life on the Streets

Life on the Streets
Joshua Bright

Meet 7 of the 1.4 million expats who just lost their right to vote read comments in Canada

California police killings database reveals 'clear racial disparities'

Homeowners Get Ready to ‘Age in Place’

Comedian Wins Victory in First Round of Guatemalan Election

Buried under the Wiltshire earth: a massive monument

The Faces Show Some Wear and Tear, Flashes of the Old Magic at Reunion

Syrian last oil field

Even Paul Krugman Admits there are things to like in Trumps message

Paul Krugman: Trump Is Right on Economics
...  not that jump is right about much of anything,  but he is no more serious than the next buffoon running for office from the Republican party.

Journalist’s Shaming Signals China’s Press Control

China's Foreign Exchange Reserves Fall

He decided not to join the Islamic State, but could still go to prison

Conservative candidate caught in 2012 CBC

No Oil Bonanza in Melting Arctic Ice

Migrant crisis: Influx will change Germany

The fastest stars in the universe

SFJazz salutes 50th anniversary of Ellington concert

Whole Foods fires security company after clash with Oakland customer

Obama encouraged to end religious hiring exemption

S.F. not doing a good job preserving its history, report says

FBI spied on Burning Man fest, documents reveal

Scientists have discovered why running makes you happy

Morales Takes Early Lead in Guatemala's Presidential Election - Bloomberg Business

One Chart That Will Keep Sweden's Central Bank Up at Night

German Industrial Production Rebounds in Sign of Solid Recovery

Uber's China Rival Said to Raise $3 Billion in Latest Financing

U.S. Contractors Will Get Paid Sick Time Under New Obama Order

Mixed Message

Asia's smartphone addiction

A 2,500-year-old unsolved mystery

BBC - Future - The best (and worst) ways to spot a liar

Germany to free funds for migrants

Hungary's Xenophobic Response

Greenland Torn Over Mining for Minerals

German Quota System Offers One Way to Handle Crisis

Friends at Work? Not So Much