Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Everything Apple Announced That Someone Else Already Did

Are Cask Beers Worth the Fuss?

Rio de Janeiro's Bursting Real-Estate Bubble

Australian Unemployment Falls as Weaker Currency Aids Employers

Whether they lose or quit, outgoing MPs get generous severance

Why you should start work at 10am (unless you're in your 50s)

Justice Dept. to Put Focus on White-Collar Criminals

Taoiseach intervenes in effort to prevent Stormont collapse

Osborne appeals to Blairites with warning of Corbyn risk

Nixon forecast a White House win for Donald Trump

The time Donald Trump’s empire took on a stubborn widow — and lost

Jennifer Lawrence Has No Appetite for Playing Fame Games

Uproar among House GOP conservatives forces new strategy on Iran vote

Governor still gridlocked by Bridgegate scandal two years later

Actresses on the Stubborn Sexism of Hollywood

John Pemble reviews ‘John Kemble’s Gibraltar Journal’ by Eric Nye

Hitler’s World by Timothy Snyder | The New York Review of Books

Bauer in Berkeley: Chef's talent fails to translate

Fake weddings and a honeymoon in Vegas: Father, daughter arrested in Chinese visa fraud scheme

A giant ancient virus was just uncovered in melting ice — and it won’t be the last

Well: Why Runners Get Slower With Age

Where Dracula Was Born, and It’s Not Transylvania

Singapore Vote Will Test Long Ruling Party

The Female Friendship Myth

North Sea faces surge in field shut downs (From Herald Scotland)

What America Can Learn From Europe’s High-Speed Trains

McDonald's plans to use only cage-free eggs within decade

Iconic food mascots: See how they've changed over the years

Rarely seen pictures of Queen Elizabeth

Study: Alzheimer’s precursor might be transmittable via medical procedures

Danes halt rail links over migrants

Apple unveils iPad Pro and Apple TV

Here's How Growing Up in Poverty Hurts American Adults

Dow Down

DJIA -239.11
16,253.57 -1.45%

China’s stock market slide prompts nearly 200 arrests

Never mind the forecast, 'cause the sky has lost control

Latest poll: majority of Scots would back independence

New to the Parish ‘I didn’t know I was black until I came to Ireland’

Puerto Rico Says It Faces $13 Billion Debt Funding Shortfall

NYU Professor: Yahoo Should Be Euthanized, and Marissa Mayer Is the Most Overpaid CEO in History

The New Money-Laundering Sting: Come to the U.S., Get Arrested

National Geographic magazine shifts to for-profit status with Fox partnership

Chess player accused of cheating with hidden camera and Morse code

Ken Burns sees an unfinished Civil War

Afghanistan officials say 11 police killed by US 'friendly fire' airstrike

Queen Elizabeth II becomes longest reigning British monarch

Queen Elizabeth II becomes longest reigning British monarch
 at a very very very great expense to the nation.

You can't trust us

Teachers Aren’t Dumb But a lot of the training they get in school sure is.

Nikkei Way UP

Japan's Nikkei 225 Rises 7.7% for Biggest Gain Since October 2008
Up, But still in the pit of bone crunching depression.   perhaps this will be the lives of we are hoping for.

Venezuela Envoy Defends Closing Border to Colombia

BBC - Earth - Many animals can become mentally ill

BA plane catches fire in Las Vegas