Saturday, September 12, 2015

Soaring catch made Lynn Swann hero of Super Bowl X

Sipping coffee and partying on the roof as mortar attacks and power cuts hit the city

Jeb Bush’s Tax Plan Is a Large Tax Cut for the Wealthiest

No coincidence young activists are getting results: 'We've been relentless'

The zigzag journey of 1930s gas station uprooted by development

Lesbian Love Blossoms in New Screen Dramas

With an Invitation, a Gender Barrier at Harvard Falls

From the Magazine: The Return of the Sex Wars

Teaching a Different Kind of Shakespeare

Michael Fassbender, Nobody’s Fool

Erica Jong’s ‘Fear of Dying’ Defies the Sunset of Sex

‘The President and the Apprentice: Eisenhower and Nixon, 1952-1961’

A Dying Young Woman’s Hope in Cryonics and a Future

MtGox bitcoin chief Mark Karpeles charged in Japan

How robot auctions are shaking up digital advertising

West Bengal government to release Netaji files

Indian Air Force plans for wars of future with a separate UAV cadre

Merchants to move to East Market project

Sherborn home features walls and ceilings of glass - The Boston Globe

As subsidized phone program grows, so do its costs

The Grandest Art of the Ancients

Christopher Prendergast: Untranslatables

Geneva Steak: Portal to a bygone San Francisco

'Stephen Harper isn't perfect' ad makes rookie communications mistake

Russian cargo planes arrive in Syria

Slate in a Right Wing Publication

Why do they think this is a good idea?

Right wing extreme

It was a messy, eye-opening experience

Opposition braces for challenging election after leader's jailing

Migrant crisis: Rallies in Europe as 9,000 arrive in Munich

NDP barely leeds

CBC News | Éric Grenier's Poll Tracker
NDP 32%
Lib  30%
Con 30%

Artist Steve McDonald finds new fans with adult colouring book

MARTIN COOPER The most influential man you don't know (the father of the cellphone)

Tremendous Machine

Geek's Guide to the Galaxy Syfy Is Finally Venturing Back Into Space

Geek's Guide to the Galaxy Syfy Is Finally Venturing Back Into Space

Is your adviser truly protecting your retirement? (Likely Not)

Merkel Defends Refugee Influx Against Growing Criticism

Medical pot bill would legitimize multibillion-dollar industry

‘Writing Across the Landscape,’ by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Tom Green performs in Houston this week - Houston Chronicle

Eco-conscious resort rooted in Big Sur history

Analysis: Jerry Brown shares blame for green bill’s woes

The New Money-Laundering Sting: Come to the U.S., Get Arrested

This fall’s crop of Hollywood releases is rated for a more mature audience

Corbyn’s hopes of uniting UK Labour dealt early blow

Europe migrant crisis: Germany readies for 40,000 arrivals - BBC News

Teaching ‘Mockingbird,’ ‘Watchman’ and Harper Lee With The New York Times

City Island, a Quainter Side of the Bronx

India restaurant blast in Madhya Pradesh kills 82 - BBC News

It Just Got Harder to Hop Another Flight When Yours Is Grounded

Big Wall Street Banks Near New Settlement Deal

A Delightful Account of Where Presidents Rested Their Heads

What to Ask Before You Reach for Yield

Turkey Faces Threat of Growing Unrest

Pope Francis will head to Cuba with an unfinished mission

How Bernie Sanders is winning over Democratic voters

Jeremy Corbyn elected Labour leader in stunning victory

How Stanford Took On the Giants of Economics

The weird sex lives of bats