Monday, September 14, 2015

The Great & Beautiful Lost Kingdoms

Avies Platt: An Encounter with Yeats

Michael Wood Fine Chances

With or Without Fed, One U.S. Banker Is Going to Raise His Rates

China stock down, others boom

Fall shows likely to get the ax

PM of Italy: "If elected I will make two terms, then home"

A Sense of Instability Settles Over Turkey as Conflict With Kurds Flares

Review: ‘Once in a Great City’ Chronicles Detroit’s Glory Days

Airbus guns for Boeing with new factory in Alabama

15 years ago, Zimbabwe seized white farmers’ land. Now some are being invited back.

Can Spain’s monarchy be saved? It’s up to King Felipe VI and his commoner queen.

‘Everyone I know is leaving’: War in Syria is driving refugee crisis

Oakland at crossroads of boom times

Mary Poppins to be remade by Disney

Cloud Gate Dance Theater: A Roving, Bounding Symbol of Taiwan

Computers 'do not improve' pupil results, says OECD

Flying Korea's farmed dogs to safety

Third South China Sea airstrip being built, says expert, citing satellite photos

Russia plans Syria air base, says US

Plants That Are Predators

Review: ‘Photograph 51’ With Nicole Kidman

Air India to ground 'fat' cabin crew

Aspirin Is Recommended to Fight a Form of Cancer

See how PG&E stonewalled regulators after its fatal pipeline disaster

Navy agrees to restrict offshore training to protect marine mammals

Governor authorizes additional $12.5 million to fight wildfires

Federal student loan application to be easier and earlier next year

Porsche shows off all-electric Tesla-fighting Mission E concept

Martin O'Malley unveils plan to end US gun violence 'epidemic and sickness'

Plan for LA will make New York's High Line look 'pishy'

'We better start thinking about colonising Mars'

French Writer Patrick Modiano Builds a Global Following

Cook Up a Shelling Bean Feast

Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour Shines On in New Solo Album

Chinese Open Luxury Wallets in Europe

Worries Rise Over Global Trade Slump

Mapping How Tor’s Anonymity Network Spread Around the World

Mobile New iPhone Means We’ll Soon Escape the Captivity of Carriers

Nationals furious with Abbott's ousting

BBC - Earth - When global warming made our world super-hot

Face The Music

So, you supported Corbyn: here is what you MUST do if he is to survive and win |

FIFA Investigation: Attorney General Loretta Lynch Expects More Indictments - NBC News


S.F. Opera delivers a ‘Sweeney Todd’ that’s a cut above

Men’s fashion steals the show at S.F. Opera Ball

Valley Fire rages as neighborhoods reduced to ash

Risen From Yeast: THC

Renowned Restaurant Noma to Close

More Countries Follow German Lead on Tighter Border Controls

Argentine Falklands War troops 'tortured by their own side'

Migrant crisis: Merkel's mixed messages

A place where techies can pump breast milk

Australia’s Premier Is Ousted in Internal Leadership Battle

Russian Flights Over Iraq and Iran Defy U.S. Objections

Boosting Users Over China’s Great Firewall

Work before 10 a.m. is torture: study

Next two years 'may be world's hottest'

Australian PM challenged for leadership