Sunday, September 20, 2015

36 Hours in Boston

On the Nordic Trail in Scotland

Software Is Smart Enough for SAT, but Far From Smart

The incredibly random list of celebrities endorsing Bernie Sanders

Set a place for China’s prisoners

Henson Museum curator thought Muppet breakup call a prank

Ambitious goal for music teacher: Raise $50,000 to fund CPS orchestra

Booze ban on the table after beating at Levi’s Stadium

Story of the Week: Head and Shoulders

Modern Love: A ‘Proud Single,’ but Still Single

Patrick deWitt’s ‘Undermajordomo Minor’

Why humans are just like pandas

The vivid paintings that record a Briton's love of Delhi

U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Afghan Allies’ Abuse of Boys

Croatia migrant scramble for Hungary train

Justin Trudeau vows to scrap F-35 program

Greek conservatives admit defeat

Lib Dems to ice Mr Whippy

Corbyn hit by mutiny on airstrikes

Chinese official to frustrated U.S. businesses: We hear you

A life sentence for shipping tainted peanuts?

Two Americans, Briton released from captivity in Yemen, U.S. officials say

My malignant brain tumor isn't really on my mind.

Eiffel Tower closed due to terror scare: Reports


Sundance Institute

Sundance Institute


Brassaï and Henry Miller's Paris

LoftOpera Summer Sessions

The House of Twenty Thousand Books – New York Review Books

The House of Twenty Thousand Books

The House of Twenty Thousand Books – New York Review Books
Messy.  just messy. There are several kinds of book collectors,  all of them have bad things to say about each other.

Video Games: The Secret Life

Sargent & His People by Jean Strouse

"Years of swallow winds"

The  draft is finished,  but there is a long finished draft,  which according to my working methods is at least another two months away. 

Seven wonderful Roald Dahl characters

Migrants die in Turkey ferry collision

Ben Carson says a Muslim shouldn’t be president

Ben Carson says a Muslim shouldn’t be president

I guess we should ask him about white guys.

Pope celebrates Mass in Havana, urges Cubans to ‘serve people, not ideas’

Suspect says police arrested 'the wrong guy'

A moment that changed me – Charlize Theron’s boobs, my boyfriend, and OCD

Want a geographic thrill? Go where states meet.

Bernie Sanders cites Denmark, Finland as socialist exemplars

A-plus city with a B-minus government - San Francisco Chronicle

How to get carpooling on the fast track

Car thefts surging in San Francisco

Greeks back to polls in tight election

Greeks back to polls in tight electionLeader of leftist Syriza party Alexis Tsipras holds his ballot as he enters the polling booth before voting for the general elections at a polling station in Athens, Greece, on 20 September 2015.

Between the old party and the new old party -  with a showing for third going to the far right wing party  or what used to be the socialist party.  There is a mess on how to talk,  since the old labels do not apply.

Eyeing China, Philippines May Invite U.S. Back to Base