Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Minority government? Leaders grilled on what would come

Arduous journey out of Syria, as refugees settle in Bay Area

Chinese Leader to Address Wary Business Leaders in U.S.

Pope Francis meets Obama to begin unpredictable, not-quite-liberal US tour

Photographing a tender moment amid the refugee crisis

Egyptian Playwright and Political Commentator, Ali Salem, 79

The Elmore Story

China: The Superpower of Mr. Xi

The New Utilitarians

Trial of Ukrainian pilot accused of murdering journalists begins

'No Tech Zone' sign befuddles residents but intent unknown

Life as a waitress too often means low pay and sexual harassment

I set up #ShoutYourAbortion because I am not sorry, and I will not whisper

Missouri AG: Walgreens pricing still deceives consumers

can we call it a Volkswagen lie yet?

Four reasons why Walker is packing his bags

Dow Down, But With An Upbeat

the. least. origina.l post. ever

The Fanciest of Greenwich Homes For Sale: Classic Prep School Style

U.S. rejects protections for greater sage grouse

Microsoft launching Office 2016, pitches updates for subscriber

S.F. Opera names Matthew Shilvock

We Review the Self-Published 'Now That I'm a Ghost, I'm Gay'

Longread Meet the Superstar Architect Transforming NYC’s Skyline


A Departure for Ai Weiwei at the Royal Academy in London

A New ‘Otello,’ Bold and Tentative

Bond. James Bond.

Premier Rachel Notley wants Alberta off the 'royalty roller coaster'

There is a home for nationalists at Labour, insists Kezia Dugdale

Smaller plates, tidy worktops: How to redesign your way out of mindless eating

Mayor Emanuel: Raise property taxes or lay off police, firefighters

E.U. Ministers Approve Migrant Plan

American Master

After a frat guy yelled a racist slur at USC’s student president, she decided to not stay quiet

After a frat guy yelled a racist slur at USC’s student president
 which was a serious error in judgment...  because being a student body president means she knows at least some of the  buttons to  push.

A ‘lost world’ of dinosaurs may have thrived in the snowy dark of Alaska

‘Perception of Meaning’: At the Boundary of Arabic Poetry and Apocalypse

When John Paul II blessed AIDS sufferers in S.F.

Our SF: Rising from the streets, a football town builds a dynasty

S.F. plan to honor sex slaves of World War II stirs up furor

Stocks Fall

VW Admits to Diesel Fraud in 11 Million Cars Worldwide

Paying for two kids at university

US woman detained in China 'for spying'

BBC - Earth - These animals are male on one side and female on the other


Homer, of course. 

Andrea Mariano, Queen's University student, dies of severe allergic reaction

What If the Richest Person in Every Country Gave All Their Money to the Poor?

Judge Proves Ally to Government on Insider-Trading Ruling

Mines in America's Coal Country Just Sold for a Total of Nothing

Mediocre Toads in NFC Least

The New Bond Market: Some Funds Are Not as Liquid as They Appear

China’s Xi Pledges Economic Reforms