Thursday, September 24, 2015

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the scandal widens beyond the brand

Revolution revolution revolution

 we need a revolution revolution revolution
 not the kind that they can proclaim on video video video
 but a revolution in our hearts and in our minds
 that will not stop until it is one
 not the kind that was proclaimed by Republicans and Democrats
  who  mouth the lines  as if their race or religion or creed
 will be what matters in its time

 we need a revolution revolution revolution
 and we need to know this from the inside out,
outside in,  middle ground in both directions
 as if Goedel  told us in his famous indeterminacy prove
 with Turing  as is witness,  meditations by Nash,
 and proven by Audin  in a  tome  which no one reads.

 we need a revolution not evolution not  permutation
 never mind what tense it is in,  because creole languages
 never have tense in mind  when they are created
 and do not have the name creole when they start.
 and someone pours for through Google,  and Twitter,  and Facebook,
 and Pinterst -  and all the other words that it has not yet formed in its vocabulary.

 suborned by perjury on Kerouac's lips
 with endless profits saying endless songs written by Dylan
 recited in a  monopoetic  way of speaking learned from rolling stone,
 which at that moment was not capitalized because it was not cool.
 and if you elder statesman tell us that O'Neill foretold
 and Ernest Hemingway told in  monosyllabic  words
 which F Scott Fitzgerald would later  make arabesques.
  and  Ishmael was hidden in plain sight  because it was spelled
ismael soumare.

 while others watch on their telly
 we must do that thing which no one knows what to do
 as in the 30s they marched in lockstep
 and in the 60s they crowded around.
 with no end in sight.
 a gift for the eye to see them endlessly paraded.

 why do we need a revolution?
 because everyone is selling one,  but not delivering at all
 in any way any word in any context
 there is only silence to be had.

Dow lost in space

we hardly knew you, those from Yale

Nine To Five in 2015

UK, France and Germany lobbied for flawed car emissions tests,

UK, France and Germany lobbied for flawed car emissions tests, documents reveal | Environment | The Guardian

It is all a lie,  all of it.  there has been no progress on anything.

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